Saturday, April 21, 2007

What a time to be alive

The "internet" is down at my place, so, in order to keep you, the reader, happy, and in order to check my email, I walked down to the University's library to get online. (that may have been the most commas ever used.) I walked past the Pentacrest (pictured to the above), where workers were setting up stages and fences for Barack Obama's appearance tomorrow! I'm pretty excited for it, things fell into place really well, I don't have to work or anything. And it's kind of cool that he's going to be in Iowa City for an Earth Day Rally. Now if the weather cooperates, all will be well. Today it's beautiful outside, hopefully it will continue tomorrow, and the 40% chance of there not being a thunderstorm will happen. (does that make sense to anyone? Cause I'm not sure if I understand what I was trying to say)

While I was walking, I decided that there are some things that I need to do around Iowa before I make the move to Austin in August or September. The main thing that I want to do before I leave is to go to one more game at legendary Kinnick Stadium. Another thing that I thought of today was that I need to go to the Field of Dreams. (It's only little more than an hour away from me, and I've never been there! It's one of my favorite movies, how could this happen?! I need to go there with my dad and have a catch.) I have to try the restaurants that I haven't hit yet. (Note: Baldy's and Jimmy Jack's can be taken off the list, I've been to both now and liked them very much. Venuto's can also be removed, they have unfortunately closed.) I really should sell some of my stuff, or at least find a place to store some junk. I have way too much stuff that I don't need to bring to Texas, so a Flenker Sale may be in order. I really, really need to get my resume in order before I go, and I should start looking at jobs. I also want to get into better shape, that's kind of been slacking lately. Too many beers, I believe. I'm sure I'll come up with other must-do's this summer.

On a sad note, it pains me to say goodbye to Tyler Smith. He's leaving the U to be closer to his ailing father. I can't blame him, and wish him the best. If he ends up in Tennessee Orange next year or the year after, I will be cheering for them. They'll have two former Hawkeyes involved, how can I not?

One last thing, H has put up her answers to the questions posed by The Flenker! Thanks Haley! If you want to be interviewed by yours truly, leave a comment and I'll contact you with some goodness.

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