Saturday, April 07, 2007

I don't want the world, I just want your half

Now I know Jad just put a video post up, but I swear I was thinking of doing the same thing before I saw his, it was going to be a "make up" for not putting music up yesterday. I promise. I'll make it different enough to make it work, anyways. I kind of did this before, but without all the fancy embedding and stuff, so I'll try to do this a little more "polished" way.

First up is "New Noise" by Refused. I love this song, it spent many weeks in my personal Top 5. "Tannhauser - Derive" may be competing for favorite Refused song, but this was the one that got me hooked on them, and rocked my ass off. "Tannhauser" just gets me pumped up.

Next is one of my all-time favorite videos, "Ana Ng" from They Might Be Giants. It's a fun song and a fun video from a fun band. It's hard to listen to these guys without a smile and dancing along.

I'll throw in another TMBG video, this is a performance from 1989 on Letterman of my favorite song of theirs, "They'll Need a Crane." Check out John Linnell's hair, and John Flansberg's glasses. Awesome. (I should mention at this point that there was some online survey taken a while ago, maybe approaching 10 years now, but for something like Time or People magazines, where John Linnell was voted the one of the "Sexiest Men" and John Flansberg was one of the "Most Influential People." Impressive, no? Or just a bunch of nerd fans stuffing the ballot box? You decide.) It's impressive that they've been around for going on 30 years.

And finally, this may be cheating, as I had this on my other video post, but I really love this Mountain Goats' video, "Woke Up New." It's just great.

What the heck, here's a bonus video. It's Rock Plaza Central's cover of "Sexy Back," put with the video by Justin Timberlake. Good times!

Well I hope I did all of this right. If not, I'll look like a fool. I hope everyone enjoys, and has a wonderful Sunday, and a happy Easter if you're celebrating. Me, I'll be at work for 8 hours. oh joy.


Jad said...

That first video is definitely a face melter. Love those TMBG vids, and Mountain Goats are obviously awesome. Very fantastic vid post.

lucy said...

Love the Mountain Goats. The fact that the Sexy Back cover is cool proves that it's Justin's problem.