Monday, April 02, 2007

The coach du jour

Apparently Dana Altman is out as a U of I coaching candidate, after it's reported on Fox Sports that he is taking the Arkansas job. Chris Lowery signed an extension with Southern Illinois, making it very unlikely that he'd leave his nice, new contract at his alma mater. Rick Majerus said over the weekend that he's not going to coach here. Tony Bennett also signed an extension recently. Reggie Theus told New Mexico State that he wants a raise, which has been the best news for Iowa, that he hasn't signed anything yet and is looking for more money. Hey, we have more money! Steve Alford saved us $2 million by leaving instead of being fired! We should use it. That'd be the smart thing to do, I imagine.

Another name that has entered the picture is University of Central Florida's Kirk Speraw. I really don't know a whole lot about him, other than that he's been at UCF for a long time, has taken them to a handful of NCAA tournaments, and has improved their record most years. Plus, they're now in Conference USA, and finished second behind Memphis, Speraw being named the conference's coach of the year. He seems like an interesting candidate, but not really a high-profile hire that Barta seems to want.

I hope all of this ends soon. Billy Donovan should be packing his bags and looking up a realtor in Gainesville and leave immediately after the game. Actually, I've formulated a scenario in which Donovan could become a hero to me: as soon as the game is over (in this situation, OSU wins), the lights go dim Billy Donovan rips off his button-down shirt to reveal a Kentucky Wildcats shirt, or maybe chest paint, and the announcer screams "OH MY GOD!! I DON'T BELIEVE THIS TURN OF EVENTS!!! IS THAT THE KENTUCKY FIGHT SONG THAT I HEAR? ASHLEY JUDD HAS JUST COME INTO THE ARENA AND PUT A WHISTLE AROUND DONOVAN'S NECK!!" Wrestlemania style. Then Donovan hits Joakim Noah over the head with a folding chair while cackling in delight. Haley and I have agreed that we'd give up our next 3 paychecks each just to see this happen. But I digress. After KY gets their coach, the rest of the teams should follow. I just hope Iowa doesn't end up with some desperation hire, they should go and get their man right now. Go get Reggie Theus, Mr. Barta.

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H said...

At this point, I don't care who we hire. I just want to hire someone.