Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rain, I don't mind

It's been raining most of the day here in the IC, and I love it. I hope it keeps raining until I go to bed, there's nothing better to fall asleep to than a good shower outside. A soft rumble of thunder can be nice, too, as long as it doesn't become too loud and violent. And I'd rather be up watching the lightning, so I'd prefer that to wait until a time I can more thoroughly enjoy. A nice, steady rain, however, is perfect. It looks like that is what we'll be getting for the next few days here, too. Which is fine by me. I like a beautiful spring day as much as the next guy, but I truly appreciate the rainfall even more.

Right now I'm trying to decide what the ideal rainy day would be for me. It would have to be warm enough to sit outside for a while without requiring a heavy coat, or shoes. A nice porch to sit on would be a must. I'd need a book of crossword puzzles, a newspaper, and a reading book that's not too upbeat, but not real gloomy, either. (that could be a totally new post, the perfect book for a drizzle.) Should the fancy strike, I'd like to be able to run around in the rain, maybe play some sort of game, or just go for a walk to Oasis or the Java House. Falafel seems like it would be a good lunch, but a good ol' sandwich would be just fine, with some iced tea to wash it down. Lemonade would work, too, but I'd prefer the tea.

Heck, I could manage with just being under a tarp, sitting out in the woods, enjoying nature in the rain. There's something about immediate, extremely basic shelter that I enjoy very much, like just having a sheet of plastic wrapped around me, so I could still feel the rain at the same time as having protection. Not so much like a raincoat, something a little more structured, if that makes sense. One of the best times that I've ever had in the rain was when I was younger, and just sat right inside the door of a shed on our property, just watching the downpour. I felt secure and sheltered, while I still felt a part of the storm. I like that. It's not a feeling that I've had too often. Maybe I'll try to rediscover it soon. (this has been another installment of wistful Chris!)


lucy said...

saran wrap. we'll roll you up in saran wrap and toss you to the nearest hurricane.

..it was the most "in the element but still basically sheltered" i could think of.

Anonymous said...


It rained all night in Chicago, too. It was very light rain, but nice to listen to.

Everyone thinks that I'm crazy because of my favorite weather. I love snow storms. They always feel so "special" because I never saw one when I was younger...

It's supposed to be cold today, I think.

That makes me happy. Lovely post..

Please don't brave a hurricane in Saran Wrap...