Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Be joyful, my children be joyful!

So I'm feeling rowdy, frisky, feeling my oats if you will today. I'm just feeling good today, in spite of the weather. (weather report: hell of cold front moved in. winds blowing. wind chill of 7 earlier today. crappy) I'm working with the boys tonight, Brett and Dan, so that's exciting to me. I haven't worked with Dan for quite some time (we have a theory that our manager wants us there on opposing days, so one of us is there all the time, because we basically can run the show.), and the baseball season just started, so we can talk about that all night long. I am overjoyed.

Today is a good day. I've got a feeling tomorrow is going to be a very good day. Spring is kind of in the air, trying to get through. Baseball's here. The Royals won the first game, which means they can't lose them all. And I'm actually expecting good things from them this season. I won (probably) my last game with UAB, defeating #23 Navy. Good times. I really hope I'm not fired from my video game dynasty, I'm starting to like being in Birmingham.

Anyways, I should get going for now. Work beckons. More later.

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H said...

I was talking baseball with one of my doctors earlier today, and he happens to be a Red Sox fan, and he happened to mention that the Red Sox lost the game he watched the other night, so I got to talk about the Red Sox and the Royals because "I have a friend who's a Royals fan!" Just thought you would like to know I'm dropping your name all over the organization.