Thursday, April 12, 2007

Music in the afternoon

Sorry about the delay in the music for today. The "internet" wasn't working here, and I was running around too much to stop at the library. And then I worked for 4 hours, which was actually quite enjoyable. If only I could do 4 hour shifts all the time, while still getting the 8 hour pay. I'll run that by my manager, see how that goes.

Anyways, today's music recommendation comes from Brooklyn's own Magnetic Fields! I first heard them on a mix tape exchange I did a few years ago, and had to go out and get their albums right afterwards. They're kind of quirky, goofy, sad, funny, and upbeat, all at the same time. Lead singer Stephin Merritt has a very distinct voice, which works well with the music.

I'll try to get tomorrow's music post ready, but I may not be able to, I'm just warning you now. If not, it'll be back on Monday. I know everyone's living and dying by my recommendations, I know how much they mean.


H said...

Mix tape exchange? hehehe

H said...

I'm loving the Magnetic Fields...