Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I know it's less than a month into the new year. . .

. . . but I'm pretty sure I already have my two favorite albums of the year.

I know I'm far far far from the first to say this, but Animal Collective's latest album, Merriweather Post Pavilion is incredible. From track 1 ("In the Flowers") to the final song ("Brother Sport"), I don't think there's a minute where I'm not just totally enamored. I recognize a lot of these songs from the shows last year, including "In the Flowers," the first single (from I gather) from the album - "My Girls," and my personal favorite, "Summer Clothes."

"Summer Girls" performed at Coachella

Animal Collective - "My Girls" video

I mean, how can you not like that? And really, you should go to the youtube page for that video, and click on the "Watch in HD." It's beautiful. (maybe a post in the future will be about my current addiction to HD youtube videos.) And listen with headphones. or very loudly. That's how it should be heard. TRY NOT DANCING IN YOUR CHAIR, OR GETTING UP AND SHAKING YOUR RUMP. I'm hoping to see these guys again on their current tour, it'll be part of Flenker's 2009 vacation plans, since they're aren't coming anywhere near me. Oh well, I think it'll actually work out splendidly.

It's really early to say this, the year isn't even 1/12th over, but this could be the best album of 2009 already. Really. If you haven't listened to it, do it now, please. By any means necessary. And should you hear this album through "illicit" means, just promise that you'll eventually buy it for real. Because dammit, you should. It's the best album of the year!

And I mean that as no slight to this next album. They (he?) put a valiant fucking effort into it, and is rewarded with a very very solid spot at #2 for 2009. Of course I mean Emil Svanängen, aka Loney, Dear, and his latest album, released today, Dear John.

Loney, Dear - "Airport Surroundings"

This album has a slightly different sound from the previous releases, but it's a totally natural progression, not a shock to hear. And it's done so well. The "older" sound is still there in some songs, the quiet, desperate at times vocals with minimal instrumentation, but some hints of almost, but not quite, electronic sounds come out in some of the tracks, like the above "Airport Surroundings." Emil (yes, I feel like I can call him by his first name. He's given a hug to one of my best friends in the whole wide world, who has in turn hugged me. it's like he's hugged me through her) creates an album full of beautiful songs, shows off a wide vocal range, and just makes me want to pack up and move to Sweden (don't think I haven't considered it) Malin Ståhlberg, if you happen to be reading this, I love you. Move to Kansas City, we'll have a magical life together, we'll make music, start a family, and just be happy together, I'm sure of it. I'm going to most likely be at the Des Moines show, you can just hitch a ride back here with me, and we can conquer the world.

So, in summation, Animal Collective and Loney, Dear are awesome. Each and every one of you reading (all 3 of you) should listen to them over and over and over again, see them in concert, and spread the good word of this righteous music.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

get pitted, so pitted

I'll have a real post up soon, I promise. I just can't stop watching this video long enough to form sentences. WHOOOPAH!