Monday, April 16, 2007

Another photo story (with apologies to Haley)

I've decided that now would be a good time for me to post the next photo story of The Flenker. This comes from my weekend in Minneapolis for the Iowa/Minnesota game. We decided to go to Gameworks in downtown MPLS, where on their menu, they had a challenge: eat a one-pound hamburger with all the fixin's, and get a $10 giftcard to use in the arcade. The burger was $12, so we figured it'd be worth a net $2 to do it, so all the guys got it. Haley had something like a salad, and Bill got a turkey wrap. I've decided to caption the photos this time, to add to the story. One last note before the photos, this was the meal that turned Haley off of beef. I can't imagine why, there was 5 lbs of it on the table.

I was acting interested in what H was saying, but my mind was on the burger

Me and the boys discuss the game plan

Ordering with gusto

Guessing the size of the behemoth

The Flenker is not impressed

Digging in

I like my burgers a little pinker, but this will have to do

I was going so fast, it appeared as a blur (notice Strickland in the background, empty space on the table)

I slowed down a little for photographic evidence (Strickland still burger-less)

Time for a bib

Getting near the end (Strickland still not eating)

Wiping the mouth while Strickland watches with jealous eyes


And, just for fun, another one of my favorite pictures of me, in full BEEYAH! mode during the combined birthday party for me and Dan (pictured, my co-beeyah) this past January.

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H said...

Why do you say "all the guys" decided to do it and then mention that Bill got a chicken wrap? =)

Also, you forgot to mention the other huge part of the reason that I was disgusted by this. It wasn't just the five pounds of rare meat on the table - I was already sick and had already vomited, twice, at Hooters.