Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gin, why do you treat me so good?

(I know my title's grammatically incorrect. But it's ironic! It's supposed to be that way because it's funny!)
Today's shaping up to be a Good Day. There's the spring game or practice or scrimmage or whatever they're calling it for the Hawkeyes today, the Hawk Shop is having a big sale, my dad's coming up, and Bill and Haley are on their way to Iowa City! Now if the clouds would go away and if the sun would warm things up a little bit, it would be pretty perfect.

So last night got a little out of control. . . One of my brother's roommates was celebrating his 21st birthday, making me feel like an old fart. But he supplied the alcohol, so I can't complain. He had mixed up some delicious "gin buckets" and had a keg. I stuck with the gin (if you want to win me over, feed me Tom Collinses all night long). I stayed there for a little while, then went out to meet up with some friends. In spite of my best efforts, I did not get into a fight. (I don't know what it is, but ever since New Year's Eve, I've been feeling a little punchy when I get some liquor in me. And honestly, dear reader, I haven't really been trying that hard to get into fights. I don't think I really want to fight, but it makes for a good story.) Nothing that exciting happened, just hanging out with some friends and having a few cocktails. I'm pretty sure I called Bill and Haley about 5 or 6 times throughout the night. I used to be an out of control drunk-dialer, but I've reined myself in fairly well of late. That, and I don't drink too often anymore. I'm an old man living in a kid's town. And while that may push me to drink, I wouldn't want to do it downtown, and don't really feel like being super pathetic and drinking at home alone all the time. So, I'll just stick with my blog.

Somehow, I've never been hungover. Well, that's not entirely true, I was hungover after my "drunkest night ever" and a little bit after my birthday last year. But aside from those times, the Next Day is usually fine for me. Like today, I woke up at 9 after going to bed around 4, and feel wonderful. I feel like going to a Hawkeye football practice! I think I shall. First I must shower and pick up a few things in my room before my guests arrive. Maybe tonight H and I can have a joint blog posting. That'd be intense!!! Until then, have a wonderful Saturday folks!

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half the battle said...

gin buckets?! how do i not know what those are?