Monday, April 30, 2007

Lunch in $5 in Iowa City

I'm basically done with class now, I just have a couple finals next week, but nothing that I have to really do this week. I have to take/give some lessons, but other than that, I'm free. And on days like today, I like to use my freedom to wander about downtown. Of course I had to stop at the Java House for a cool drink (the temperature has gotten over 90 for the second straight day, but not the suffocating 90 degrees that we'll have in a month or so) and to do a little reading. After spending about an hour there, I walked around, ran into a couple of people I knew, chatted a little, then headed towards home. On the way, I felt my stomach rumble, and thought of getting some food. Unfortunately, I had about $3.17 in my pocket, not really enough for much of anything. Or so I thought.

I go near a Dairy Queen and a Paul Revere's Pizza on my walk home, both of which are relatively cheap. My dilemma was which to choose. Sustenance or indulgence? The weather being what it was, I went with the indulgence that is the Dairy Queen chocolate-dipped vanilla ice cream cone. Imagine my surprise when the total came to $1.85, leaving me with enough to get a $1.25 slice at Paul Revere's! And then, imagine my delight when I realized that the lunchtime special is $1/slice! Well, as you have probably already put together, I headed down the block and got me a piece of the crappy pizza that I love so well. On top of all that, I still have 27 cents of the original $5.22 I had when I started my day. What a time to be alive. That's how I kick it in the IC.


a said...

All I can say is. . . NICE.

And what goes better together than pizza AND beer?!? (okay non-alcoholicly speaking)

Minty said...

Give/take lessons in what? (Sorry, I am nosy...)


H said...

I like Paul Rever's pizza. I think. Especially when I have been drinking in Iowa City. I don't remember actually eating pizza there, just giving the crust to you, and missing your plate and having it land on the counter. Then I fell outside and got grass stains on my jeans.

I love the IC. I also love getting drunk with you and Bill. It's a good thing we don't live near each other, or I would never be sober.

I mean that in a good way.