Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'd go the whole wide world, I'd go the whole wide world just to find her

You know that scene from Stranger Than Fiction, the one where Harold Crick plays the guitar in Ana Pascal's apartment? This one:

That's such a great scene, and a great song. I can't really speak from experience if the whole guitar playing schtick works for picking up the girls, I've only played guitar for one girl (in a non-lesson setting [yes, I've given guitar lessons. I'm not that great at guitar, but since I'm going into music education and all, I can teach it well enough. Currently I'm just giving saxophone lessons, at which I am considerably better]), and that was well after the "seducing" part of the relationship had passed. It still served its purpose, though, so take it as you will. As Dan le Sac said, "Thou shalt not use poetry, art, or music to get into girls' pants. Use it to get into their heads." I had never though of it that way until I heard that line, and liked it a lot. Now if I only knew how to do that, I'd be set, right? Not too sure on that one yet.

For some reason, this song has been stuck in my head for the past, oh, week. I don't know why it started or anything like that (I haven't watched the movie for over a month, since I was in Minneapolis), if it has any sort of subconcious meaning. My mind is just playing tricks on me, and continues to do so by making me over think everything. I've got a bastard for a mind. It serves me well most of the time, but then every once in a while it likes to screw me over.

I really should be going to bed right now, but can't seem to make my way over there. I've been kind of thinking about this post all day long, about what I wanted to say, and none of it really came together like I wanted. So maybe there will be a more in-depth post in the near future. I'm thinking there will be a new phase to the Unified Theory of Flenker. But for now, enjoy the song, enjoy the night, and just enjoy life in general. Why the hell not?


a said...

I would have to say from experience, if a guy wanted to impress me, playing the guitar and singing works every time! In my mind there really is nothing sexier than a guy who can sing and play a guitar (or piano or other musical instrument besides the clarinet b/c clarinet just doesn't scream sexy). I think it's just a nice romantic gesture if a guy plays something for you.

lucy said...

^second that.

that is my favorite scene of the whole movie. i actually prefer Will's arrangement to the real thing.

my mind's a bastard, too.

Jad said...

Flenker, this song is awesome! I just made a mix CD on the weekend with this on it.

Great minds...

p.s. Tom Collins pitcher = great idea.

Arpit Mehta said...

That Dan Le Sac song is awesome! And this scene makes me want to see the movie - haven't seen it yet!

Anonymous said...

The song has been buzzing around in my head since I first saw the movie three nights ago. Haven't watched amovie three times since "Dogma". It is a simple song, just E and A. I learned it in no time last night after the third watching. I can't wait to spring it on my landlord when I can play it without needing a lyric sheet (probably something I'll do after this). I stumbled on this page while trying to look up the lyrics, the lyrics I have are different (it is "think of", not "pick up"). I'm checking on variation, and like "The Waters of March" there is no really wrong version of the lyrics. BTW, if you like "Whole Wide World" check out "Beyond the Sea". Check out metrolyrics.com for Micheal Buble.

If you have a DVD of "Finding Nemo" you have a good version of the song in the end credits.

As for the politics of lonely, Harold wasn't lonely. There just wasn't room in his life for anyone until his wristwatch intervened. I'm an old fogey who hadn't courted a woman in 23 years and had no intention of doing so. I had an aunt who never got involved with anyone as far as the family knows. In my case it was a bad divorce. It not a bad space to be, but keep a wristwatch.

As for wristwatches, I recommend the accessory that lets you strap your cell phone on your wrist. Some people call it Gnurdly but I don't care. You can guess where I'm from if you look up Gnurd. Always use a caps G.

As for "having a bastard for a mind", it is like having a good wristwatch. Listen to it. Mine told me to wake up when I met the lady I'm courting. I'm a PhD scientist (who has lived with a Harvard girl with intention to marry - I laugh heartily when Ana reveals she was at Radcliffe (hmm, does Harvard even call itself Radcliffe anymore))(sorry for the parentheses inside parentheses next to parentheses, LISP is my favorite programming language and it structured with them). Be glad you've got a brain. Real Gnurds say it with pride. Intelligence gives you a better understanding of life, a better appreciation of life and most importantly a better ability to enjoy life. See Harold's interface with his life? He was a Gnurd. I mean that in a very positive sense.

As for the Dan le Sac comment, follow it. I don't know if you've got teenage hormones. I know I did, but I stuck to my principles. I know that if you play an instrument you can write a song. Writing a song for her will either really get you inside her head. It is a bit of a brave act. But it sounds like you might have a song the world wants to hear.

As for the lady I watched "Stranger than Fiction" with the third time, I wanted her to see it just so she could see the scene where they are watching an old movie. She has him what we call "seatbelted" on the couch, rubbing her knee. I sometimes call her my landlord, sometimes the lady I'm courting, but since I moved in with her I pay rent.

I hope you don't judge me as manipulative, I was just hoping things would work out. Sure enough, when we watched the scene with me seatbelted and rubbing her knee. I am in her head, she agreed to sell the house if I take a job in another city.

Sorry I don't have the time to properly spellcheck. I'll catch your page again.

Anonymous said...

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