Thursday, May 17, 2007

Songs to work to

Lately, Don Henley's song "Boys of Summer" has been playing at my workplace, and every time I hear it, I get pumped up. I know not why. I just get really excited, and sing along, even though I only know about 13 words to the song. It's an ok song, I've never been a huge Don Henley/Eagles fan (to borrow a quote from The Big Lebowski, "I hate the fuckin' Eagles, man"). Maybe this song reminds me of baseball, just the phrase "boys of summer" does it for me.

Anyways, this song has gotten added to my list of "Favorite Work Songs," songs that are played over the intercom system at work. Songs that get me going, or that I like to sing along to, or songs that I just flat-out enjoy.

"Ain't Too Proud to Beg" by the Temptations is by far my favorite song on this list. As soon as I hear the opening drum fill, I perk up and start singing and dancing. This is an awesome song outside of work, and to hear it while I'm clocked in makes it even better. (Kind of like how pooping on the clock is awesome. It just feels good to be getting paid while you're doing that. And every time I'm on the john, Bill gets a text message. That's the sort of relationship we have.) It's gotten to the point where co-workers will tell me if they've heard the song recently, because they just associate it with me. Awesome! There's another co-worker of mine who loves the song as I do, and we were working together this past Sunday morning when it came on. We instantly looked at each other and grinned, in an only slightly homo-erotic way.

My second favorite song is Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine." This is just a great soul song with an awesome groove. Also, the first time that I heard this song playing at work, it was at a very appropriate time in my life. So yeah. Almost as importantly, it give me a chance to post this video. Bill Withers is the man. And his drummer is definitely a cool cat.

Third up is "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison. Morrison has got one of the most soulful voices of any white dude. I dig it. And this song is a perfect example of his voice. I love the horn parts in it, but the best feature of this song is just the singing. (sorry about the weird video for it, it was the best thing I could find. But enjoy the song, while watching some neato sea-life!)

I'll just leave it at my Top 3 right now, but I've got a good start on my next Mix CD for another exchange. These are just the cream of the crop, so to speak.


H said...

"Into the Mystic" is by far my favorite Van Morrison song. And "Crazy Love."

I have never been a huge fan of "Ain't No Sunshine" and in fact I kind of despise that song. It irritates me.

"Ain't Too Proud to Beg" is just a damn awesome song; you know this, I know this, and I'm sorry for the time that I told you I had it on a CD when it was actually "Reach Out" by the Four Tops or another one of those similar groups. I apologize, but isn't "Reach Out" an awesome song too?

lucy said...

I was thinking about "Boys of Summer" just this morning! I adore that song.

I listen to The Ataris' cover more often than I do the Don Henley original. It's more upbeat, a little rockier. If you like the song, definitely check out the remake.

H said...

I like the Ataris' version too. And even though I know pretty much every Don Henley/Eagles song ever recorded, I feel pretty Lebowski about them also.

half the battle said...

oh man. i think boys of summer is one of my fav songs ever, though i dont think i have ever realized it or admitted it. so there you are world! ITS AN AWESOME SONG. so intense...he knew it was now or never!

a said...

There is something about Boys of Summer. . . I think it's well. . .Bryan Adams. . .I still get misty eyed when I hear "Everything I Do" Oh and the Ataris version is really good too.

When I worked at Starbucks I'd always get really excited when "Ain't no Mountain High Enough" and "Son of a Preacher Man" would come on. I also liked the Aretha Franklin greatest hits AND the Frank Sinatra. I would jazz hands to New York, New York while standing at the counter.