Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A new friend and some music vids!

First, I want to point out a new link to one of my friend's blogs. I know Sarah D through her boyfriend: we graduated from high school together, and he's in Racoo-oo-oon with my roommate Daren. Sarah's supercool, though. We ran into each other at the Animal Collective show, then hung out with some friends afterwards. So say "Hi" to Sarah.

I'm feeling a little better tonight, but still have a sore throat. I hate that. And my nose is stuffed up. I hate that too. But I made it through work, and now have a day off tomorrow to just lay around and do what I please. Which will probably be going downtown somewhere to use a little more reliable internet. It's been pretty spotty here, but I can't really complain too much. You get what you pay for. There's a chance of thunderstorms the next two days, so I'm very excited. For one, rain will help knock down some of the pollen in the air, and two, I love thunderstorms. It'll give me the perfect chance to listen to Lucy's mix CD she sent me, which she titled "Rainy Day." I've listened through it once all the way through, and hit a couple songs again, and I like it! I think it'll be a nice thing to have playing on a rainy day, so I hope I have the opportunity to enjoy it as it's meant to be heard. Also, I have to give mad props to Lucy, she went all out and made a different themed CD for each person participating in the exchange! That's going the extra mile! Maybe I'll figure out the best way to have everyone talk about the mixes they received... We'll see. For now, just soak them in and enjoy.

Also for your enjoyment, here are some video clips from Friday's Animal Collective show, stolen from YouTube! Check it out and be jealous that I was there. The last clip is my roommate's band Raccoo-oo-oon. They're currently on tour now, so if they're heading to your neck of the woods, go check them out, tell them Flenker sent you. Maybe they'll give you a sticker or something. (disclaimer: I don't know if they really have stickers or not. but they do have records for sale. buy them, so Daren can pay me his part of the energy bill. Thanks)

(Second disclaimer: this clips don't do the show justice, the sound is crap compared to the live thing. But it'll give you a little idea of the awesomeness that rock my balls this night.)

Just for fun here's the actual video for that last song- "Who Could Win a Rabbit"

Raccoo-oo-oon (excuse the cheesy editing)


half the battle said...

how hard were your balls rocked? on the richter scale i guess? or is there a special ball rocking scale?

Minty said...


lucy said...

thank you for the mad props! i'm glad you enjoyed it. more on my opinion of yours once they all come in...(it's a good one.)

Jad said...

Got your mix!

To quote The Office: "Your art is the prettiest art of all the art."

Flenker said...

half the battle - balls were rocked to the point that they probably shouldn't be used for a little while. Which isn't really a problem for my social life, luckily enough. I think they're fine now, but there were a few scary moments.

Jad - I got your mix today as well, and will go more in-depth later. But I like it!

Minty - Nice indeed!

Lucy - I look forward to your opinions!