Friday, May 11, 2007

Will the real Flenker please stand up

So I guess this was a little easier than I thought. My little brother, the other Flenker pictured, is indeed Possible Flenker E.

Flenker For Sure

(Lucy was the first response, so maybe she'll get a little treat sent her way...) The other guys are all friends of mine. Possible Flenker A is Jeff, a friend I met through Bill and H; B is Curt, a one-time roommate now living in Thailand with his wife and kid; C is Stover, we were once in a ska band together, he played trombone, and also holds a few records in the state of Iowa for a high school quarterback; D is my roommate Daniel; E is Das Trivas; F is my brother's roommate Jake.

So what I want to know is this: how could you people, people who have never met any Flenker (that I know of), so easily pick out my brother, just based on a few pictures? I'm impressed, I must say. (And H, don't say that we look exactly alike. I'm calling you out on that one right now!)

Here's one last photo. It's one that I posted before, but it's the only picture I can find right now that has both of the Brothers Flenker. I think any other photos were just too hot for the camera to handle.

New people that we meet or people that don't know us that well always seem to think he is the older brother. I don't get it. Maybe it's my boyish good looks. I don't know.


H said...

You don't look exactly alike in this particular picture, but in many other pictures, you do. Admit it.

a said...

Hey are any of the other guys single besides the one that's in Thailand with his wife and kids?? Even though Bill and H say I have a "boyfriend", since we do boyfriend/girlfriend things, technically its unofficial, so. . . :)

H said...

A - Since I happen to know that Flenker is playing frisbee golf and getting drunk right now, I'll field this one and let Flenker comment on my comment later.

Possible Flenker A is single! He's recently divorced with a quite adorable dog. Possible Flenker B is not single, as you read previously. I don't know about Possible Flenker C. Possible Flenker D is recently unengaged! Possible Flenker E has a girlfriend who's really, really pretty, so no dice there. And Possible Flenker F...well, I'll leave that one for Flenker to field.

Flenker said...

PF A and D are the only single blokes on the board. Sorry. Also, A, E, and F are the only ones that live in the Midwest, Dan is moving to Tennessee in a month or two, A and (soon to be) E both live in Cedar Rapids. F lives in Iowa City.