Monday, May 07, 2007

Hot Fuzz-y Action

Sign up for the Great Blogger Mix CD Exchanged has closed, everyone participating should have all the information they need to start mixing and sending. If you missed out on this exchange, don't worry. Keep checking here, and there may be another GBMCDE in the future.

So as I said the other day, I saw Hot Fuzz this past Friday, and enjoyed it very much. If you were a fan of Shaun of the Dead, you'd like this, and if you weren't, well check this one out, it's different enough that it's worth a shot. HF is a little more ridiculous in some aspects, especially towards the end, and was surprisingly graphically violent, which just added to the ridiculousness and the hilarious-ness of it. Definitely a good time, plenty of laughs abound. I give it 4-and-a-half "Flenker Thumbs-Up." (One "Flenker Thumbs-Up being Signs, five being Field of Dreams, and 37 being Stranger Than Fiction)


H said...

LOVE the Flenker thumbs-up.

Minty said...

That's a whole lotta Flenker!

lucy said...

37, huh? i'll take that..."Stranger" was a great movie.