Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So I haven't been too active posting on here, mainly because I haven't been too active in my day-to-day routine. I've been battling a cold/allergies for a few days, which basically leaves me too exhausted for anything else. Or I'm being lazy. Either way. But I've been having trouble falling asleep and then staying asleep at night, so first I'll take some Benadryl, and wait for that kick in. I must always be impatient or something, because I'll get into kind of a haze from that, a haze in which I do not sleep, and I decide I need to take NyQuil, because I apparently decide that I have a cold. Then I sleep for about 11 hours. It's nice, but then I wake up feeling all groggy and in a stupor from the NyQuil hangover. And then my nose gets stuffy and eyes are itchy all over again. It sucks, I tell ya.

Mixes are starting to appear in people's mailboxes! I'll do a little more in-depth post about the Exchange later, when I get all of the mixes and what not. I'll also probably try to make a post about my mix soon, explaining the significance of some songs and the like. So look forward to that. When I'm recovered from being a wimp about this stuffy nose.


lucy said...

i wondered where you were! i thought about shooting you an email but realized we hadn't heard from you in only 3 days...and found an email a bit obsessive.

get better soon! colds suck.

the crab said...

Get well soon. The Royals need help.

H said...

Blah blah sick, blah blah. All I'm hearing is "I haven't posted lately just to make H start to lose her mind."

Really, between you and Krazee not posting (although you have posted a few times in the past eight days, whereas Krazee has not), I am going a little bit nuts.

Hope you feel better.

half the battle said...

im with H completely!