Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A loverly day, and some defensive works of art

So the mixes have been official sent out of Iowa City! The amazing thing with the new postal rates, so I've found, is that it was cheaper for me to send the package to Jad in Canada than it was for me to send the same exact package to H in Minneapolis. 16 cents cheaper! Now I'm no geologist, but last I checked, Minneapolis was a touch closer than Ottawa is to Iowa. (Now before I get comments or emails about it, I purposely said geologist. It's humor, people!) So those should be arriving shortly, I imagine those in the Midwest will be getting theirs in the next couple of days. Be excited, be very excited!

The weather here is incredible Flenker-weather, a little rainy and in the 60's. I love it. Even if I walked for about a mile in it and ended up with soaking wet hair. It was well worth it.

The Royals have put together a little streak, winning two games in a row! John Buck was the hero last night, hitting a 2-run homer in the 9th to break a scoreless tie. Way to go John, I give you mad props. Mad props are also given to Mark Teahen for throwing Mark Ellis out on an attempted sac-fly. Teahen is leading the league in outfield assists with 10. Good defense is the way to my heart. I'll take a defensive gem over a mammoth home run any day. While chicks may dig the long ball, The Flenker is down with the D. Web Gems is my favorite segment of Baseball Tonight, I've literally jumped out of my seat at times while watching. A shortstop making a play deep in the hole, then turning and pulling off a perfect jump-throw? Sexy. Ozzie Smith's play with the Padres, the one where he's diving for the ball, but it hits a rock and takes a funny bounce, but he's still able to make the play, bare-handed? I still can't believe it every time I see it. Willie Mays' over-the-shoulder catch of Vic Wertz's fly ball in the World Series? Amazing.

You know what? I'm ending my post with those videos. Just so I can watch them over and over again. Enjoy!

Ozzie Smith's play

Willie Mays (possibly the most famous play in baseball history)


H said...

Who says chicks dig the long ball? I am as appreciative of great defense as you are.

Jad said...

I think the new postal rates are a sign that you should be sending more things to Canada. :)

Mine are going out tomorrow, or Thursday, depending on if I can work out a little glitch sooner rather than later.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's mixes!

H said...

I just remembered a song that I was going to put on my mix that didn't get put on my mix that I really really wanted on my mix and am disappointed.