Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summer, summer, summertime (summertime)

I love this city in the summer. The students are gone, so it's a little calmer all over the place, parking spots can be found, as can a table in a bar. Everyone seems to be a little happier, the assbag level of the town is lower, and I think everyone is just a little more relaxed. It's great. Plus, most of the people that I know around here stay for the summer, so I feel like there's a greater chance that I'll run into someone that I know downtown, just because the ratio is so much higher. Not that I didn't run into people during the year, but, like the rest of the summer, it just feels like a better time. And people are generally more available to hang out or do stuff during the summer, and the weather can be nice, at least in the early parts. When we get to 100+ degrees with 80% humidity in a month or two, I'll change my mind. But when it's like today, 72 and sunny, it can't be beat.

Again, I'm extremely tired, and apologize if I'm rambling or saying some inane stuff. I fell asleep for a little while, but woke up and felt the urge to blog. Unfortunately, I don't have anything interesting going on, so it makes or a dull post. Which is probably the norm around here of late. Really, though, there's not a lot going on for me, even though I'm feeling busy during the days. I read (in the middle of Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, still very good), go for walks, grill, and just hang out. And suffer from the seasonal allergy stuff. That sucks. I can't quite decide if I'm getting a cold or just having allergy symptoms, so I don't know what to take. Lately, I've gone the allergy route and had it work out ok.

Wow, I'm even boring myself to tears, and I love hearing about myself. . . I can't imagine what anyone out there is doing, if they've made it this far. Sorry, I'll come back tomorrow when I'm with it, and make a better attempt at being somewhat entertaining.

And just so you know, I deleted a whole, rather long paragraph about nothing whatsoever. I've been known to do that from time to time; in high school, I wrote full pages in a couple of people's year books, without really saying anything of substance. I really wish I still talked to those people, so I could see if they still had it, and see how absolutely childish I probably sound. Unless I said something extremely profound. But something's telling me that there's only a (very) slim chance of something life-altering coming out of my mind, especially at a time when I was playing the role of the "angst-y teenager." Seeing stuff I was actually trying to write well from that period makes me cringe up enough as it is, I can't imagine what seeing something I was intentionally trying to sound vapid would be like. Possibly an enlightenment. I should find these people. It could at least make for an entertaining post.

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a said...

haha! I often just ramble on and on sometimes so I'm not sure if writing it down would be better. . . I'll have to think about that one.

I actually thought in high school I was a really good writer and whatnot and I took a paper from my Advanced English class to use for one of my classes at the UofIL and I reread it and it was absolutely horrible, but I used it as a rough draft anyway for the class and my teacher loved the premise but said I needed to make it sound a little more mature! haha! And I should state the paper was written my second semester Senior year of hs and it my Freshman Comp class! haha!