Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Ode to H

I feel like I maybe have been hard on Haley lately. Not only did I give her crap for some stuff on my blog, but I continued to give her crap over the phone during the weekend. At one point, she was "giving me the finger through Bill," and even though I'm not quite sure what that means, I'm taken aback. Sorry Haley!

You see, Haley and I are friends. We met because one of my best friends is her boyfriend. (sorry guys, she's taken, and I will fight you on Bill's behalf.) However, had we met sans Bill, I think we'd still be friends. She's not my friend only because she's my best friend's girlfriend, but because she's funny, smart, a sports and Hawkeye fan, with a bunch of other qualities I look for in a friend. Plus she's cute, too, which is never a bad thing. (that way if people see me hanging out with her, they have to think that I must have something going for me, if a goofy looking redhead can hang with a blonde like her.) Plus, during most days, we'll email back and forth, she puts up with my stupid comments and rants and just long windedness. And she gives me advice on how to handle situations and is someone who shares a passion about all things Hawkeye and baseball. So she really is a great friend. Even if we are polar opposites on a lot of other things.

So, H, I'm sorry if I stole your thunder with my Top 100. . . I've gone a little overboard in posting, that's the only reason I've made it this quickly. Shoot, you're the reason I got into this, so be proud, as your influence has created this. Or be sorrowful. I'm not sure which is more apt. And really, I stole my Top 100 idea from your Top 50 you did a while back. So there. As for using a TMBG quote for my post title, I'm sorry, but I'm going to claim that one. I'm pretty sure I've liked them longer than you, only if I'm 3 years older, so by default I was listening to them earlier. I know it's a petty move by me, but dammit, I thought it was clever.

Now I will leave you with this picture, which I think may be the coolest one ever taken of me. (let it be shown that I don't really smoke, and Haley has since quit. More pictures from this weekend in Ames to come, as part of the 100th Post Week Celebration!)


H said...

Oh, I loved it. And all is forgiven. And even though I can't see the photo, I know that it's fantastic.

Jad said...

Haha, awesome picture.

a said...

That is definitely one hot couple! Oh wait. . . she's dating your best friend! haha!! ;)

Haley's Dad said...

"but because she's funny, smart, a sports and Hawkeye fan, with a bunch of other qualities I look for in a friend."

Sounds a lot like her Dad!