Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm leaving this place, but there's nothing I'm planning to take

Cassadaga, the latest album from Bright Eyes, was released yesterday, and I'm getting through my first full listen of it now. It's good. Very good. And on this glorious, seemingly ironically excellent day, it's perfect. (For those of you not reading this from the Midwest, there has been some extremely unseasonably cold weather, complete with some huge, huge snowflakes falling in Iowa City today. Incredibly beautiful. I love this. It's like Iowa City knew that I was going to be leaving after the summer, and wanted to give me one last snow, just as a nice little going away thought. Everyone around is bitching about the weather, while I'm walking around with a big, dopey smile on my face.) This album is a nice mix of some country-tinged tunes, showing what I feel has been the natural growth of Conor Oberst. If one were to listen to Fevers and Mirrors and then immediately play this album, they'd probably find it hard to believe that both came from the same band/musician, but, listening through their catalogue as it's grown, the band becomes more of an organic being, maturing with each song. It may help that Oberst around the same age as me, so maybe I'm kind of growing the same way. That may be a stretch, but it's nice to think. I haven't decided on a favorite song yet, I'll have to listen a few times more.

For other things in my life right now, it would seem like today would be a Bad Day. I mean, to borrow an analogy from Bill Simmons, I had a no-hitter through 7, brimming with confidence. I had lost the perfect game with a walk and an error, but was still going strong, no one could touch me. Then, on my best pitch, I gave up a triple off the wall. Now the other team is threatening to score, while my bats have been silent for sometime now. And I'm pretty sure the pitches were being tipped somehow, and the signals between me and the bench had somehow gotten confused. Now, with confidence shaken, I gotta try to maintain composure and finish the inning. I know about 94% of the people reading this won't get the reference, and that may be a conservative estimate. But I find it hilarious, so the whole day was fun for me. Just humor me this. Thanks.

However, part of the bright side of losing the no-hitter is that I've made up my mind. I'm going to Austin. It'll be after the very first Iowa Hawkeye home football game, just because I want to see another game at Kinnick before I leave. So, most likely sometime after September 8th, I'm heading south. I know, I know, some people may be skeptical about moving to Texas, home of our president, but Austin's a college town, suposedly similar to a (much) larger Iowa City, and I think my ideals will fit in there quite nicely. Plus the music scene is exactly what I want. So there's not a lot that can change my mind at this point. Unless someone offers me a lot of money to move to Boise right now. Eventually I'll get there, but there are other things I'd like to do and check out right now. Plus, I don't know if an opportunity like this will present itself again, so I gotta take advantage. So, as Howard Dean once said, "Beeyah!!!"


Krazee Eyez Killa said...


That Howard Dean shiznit never gets old. I'm all up in da Chi and we had lots of snow today too. Crazy.


Krazee Eyez Killa

H said...


Since Bill spoke so highly of Austin after he visited I will visit, but I will not venture out anywhere into your great state of Texas. It's scary big, and there are rattlesnakes. Which reminds me of this time that my dad was at a farm show in Lubbock and he called me one night and said:

"When we were packing up today guess what was coming toward us!"
"What, Dad?"
"A rattlesnake. Toby had to knock it out with a shovel!"
"Wow, Dad."
"Guess what we had for dinner?"

a said...

If I had to pick a town to move anywhere in the US. . .Austin would be in my top 5. There is just so much to do there. And well mainly because Matthew McConaughey is from there. . . My friends and I spent spring break there back in '01 b/c one of our good friends moved there with his job. And actually I just heard that Ryan moved back there recently, so email me or something and I can give you his email for when you move.