Thursday, April 19, 2007

An open invitation for any and all to come to Iowa City!

First off, sorry to Mr. Haley's Dad, I didn't mean to ignore your question about good sushi in Iowa City. There's a lot of good sushi around town, I think my favorite is Oyama, just because I know a couple of the sushi chefs there, and they usually give me free kani salad. (If you've never had kani salad, I would strongly suggest you do. It's got little slivers of crab and cucumber, in some sort of mayonnaise or a similar sauce, with a little bit of roe added. It's delicious.) Three Samurai is good, especially on Thursday or Sunday, when they have an all-day happy hour. Certain rolls are priced around $2-3, and most domestic beers are on special, as well, so it can be a very cheap, delicious meal. All of the other places, Sushi PoPo, Aoeshe, Takanami, Formosa, etc., all have good sushi, so it's basically a matter of trying them. Each has a little variation on some rolls; Oyama, for example, doesn't put cucumber in their California rolls. Miso soup is the same anywhere, and is always good. And each place has their own "specialty" rolls, so you might as well try them all! Next time anyone is in Iowa City and wants to get some sushi, let me know, I'll be there!

Also, I wanted to point out some links that I've added to the side over there. There's stop the world, I want to get off, Krazee Eyez Killa, Bulletproof Blank, and Brief Interviews with Hideous Minty. All definitely worth checking out. Of course they are, why would I link to them if they weren't? (Disclaimer: if you are reading this and you have a blog that I haven't linked to, I apologize. I'm sure your blog is worth checking out, too, just give me time and I'll get to it, I promise!) I consider everyone linked over there blog friends, and read them all as often as I can. I hope everyone else does the same. There's some good stuff happening out there!


haley's dad said...

Thanks for the information. Next time I am in IA City, I am sure you are going to be interested in farm equipment, so my trusty "expense account" will buy us both some sushi and beer!! Have Haley send me your e-mail address.

No need to call me Mr.

Anonymous said...

Hey Flenker...

Thank you ever so much for the blog pimpage; that's always most appreciated. I added you, too. I'm always on the lookout for more testosterone at hideous.minty...

The following questions are for your interview... Hope they are just intrusive enough!

1. What day/event would you relive/redo if you could?

2. Is there a word that you can't spell correctly no matter how many times you try?

3. You have to eat from one fine fast food establishment for every meal for the rest of your life; which is it and why?

4. If you were given the chance, what famous person (dead or alive) would you want to interview you?

5. Which Wilco song is your favorite from a lyrical standpoint? Which is your favorite from a musical standpoint?

Thank you...