Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Can I help that I am such a photogenic gent? Especially on a phone camera? (Interestingly enough, I don't have a picutre of myself on my phone. Maybe if I called me more often, I would.) This one comes from H's visit to Iowa City a few weekends ago. I'm still impressed by people with the ability to take a picture with their phone and then email it to someone like me. My phone has taken some pretty neat pictures, but as far as I can tell, they're trapped. Maybe I'll do some research, and see what I can come up with for freeing the pixels.

It's getting to be the "busy" time of the year now, classes are finishing up, the weather is getting nicer so I'm doing more stuff outside, so the blogging may slow down a little in the next week or so. (I know Jad knows what I'm talking about. Good luck with your school stuff bud!) I'll still go every day, but maybe not quite as long and not so many times. Which is not a bad thing, lately I've felt like I just am going for quantity over quality, or something like that. But then whenever I'm reading some people's blogs, and they haven't updated for a few days, I'm always a little disappointed, I love reading the stuff they're posting. And it's come to my attention that other people may read this, so I should keep chugging along. Not that it's been really hard for me, I can crank out a few paragraphs about the jacket I'm wearing if you would like(it's a nice track jacket-type thing, I never really know how to describe it. But I wear it ALL THE TIME, it's amazing). But just as a warning, the frequency may slow down a little in the next couple of weeks.

One last thing, I want to make a quick music recommendation. A friend of mine and I just traded mp3 CD's this past week. (I don't think it'll take over mix tape or mix cd exchanges, but whatever.) One of the bands from the cd I got is the Figurines. Damn, I don't know how I haven't listened to them before now, but I really dig their sound. So give 'em a listen. Maybe sometime in the near future, after their new album comes out, they'll make the trip from Denmark to Iowa.


a said...

I know I will be greatly saddened by the infrequencies, but hey, Haley can blog from bed now, right?!?

Also, not sure if Haley told you this, but I passed on your blogs onto my friends too and they read them as well!

H said...

I know just the jacket to which you are referring and I would also classify it as a "track jacket." I like that jacket, it suits you.

H said...

That picture turned out remarkably well for having been taken on my cellular device and sent to you via the Gmail. Wowee.

Minty said...

Dashing photograph, my friend.

Simply dashing!