Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Goddamn right, it's a beautiful day

Today's band is another one of my favorites, just missing out on my Top 5. The Eels have been around in one way or another for quite a while, since 1991. The band started out as a one-man show, E, but then as his music grew in popularity, he put together a live band for touring. It's all there in their bio on the website, and probably a much better read than I could put together. Their myspace has some great songs to get started on if you're unfamiliar, including my favorite song, "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues." I didn't notice at first, but you can scroll down to a fifth song, and there it is, a very fitting song for the past few days. So listen, love, and smile.

1 comment:

lucy said...

i just bought it, and I Like Birds. that one makes me laugh. you now have your own playlist, right here on my ipod.

wilco comes to my favorite local venue in july. i'll be sure to think about you when i go. : )