Thursday, March 01, 2007

Welcome March!

My experiences so far in March of 2007 have been pretty great. I rang the month in by watching Stranger Than Fiction last night, which I loved. (I'd write more about it, but I feel I should devote an entire post to it, so I'll save that for later.) Then, there was a nice little thunderstorm that came through, so I decided to sit outside on my stoop for about 45 minutes, just listening and watching the rain, and getting some writing done. Cold and rainy might not be adjectives many people use to describe their ideal weather, but last night just felt so comfortable and soothing to me, it was almost perfect. Sleep was came easily when I went to bed, the sound of the rain always helps.

This morning was more or less the same, a steady rain with some thunder. After class, I stopped by Active Endeavors to see if they would have the coat I was looking for at a decent price. Unfortunately, they had neither the coat that I wanted, nor a coat at a decent price. You may think I'm cheap, but I really don't feel like spending upwards of $100 for a coat. I'll be heading to the mall to see if there are any sales, otherwise I've found something that I like online, so that may be the way I go about getting my new coat. It's exciting.

After that ordeal, I decided to hit a new place for lunch, Baldy's. After eating there today, I'm rather upset that I haven't gone there sooner, it was delicious, and a pretty good atmosphere. They specialize in wraps, you can get a hamburger wrap, chicken wraps, and a few others, like a tuna melt or jambalaya (which has andouille sausage, chicken, and rice). I opted for the bbq cheeseburger, but was so close to the jambalaya wrap. Next time. I was able to find a seat at the counter they have, and as luck would have it, there was a New York Times newspaper sitting right there! So what little wait time I had was spent reading about digital cameras. Good times. My wrap was very impressive, this will definitely be a place that I will try to frequent from now on.

I apologize for anyone reading this in Minnesota or central Iowa, it sounds like you guys are getting much worse weather than we are here in eastern Iowa. Rumor has it that Iowa State University canceled classes this afternoon, and up around Minneapolis, parts of I35 were being closed. I cannot really fathom that right now, it's hovering around 40 degrees in the IC (sorry, I should stop calling it that.) with some clouds and wind, but no snow. We are, however, in a winter weather advisory from 6pm this evening to noon tomorrow, so we'll see what happens. I guess that means I should get going now, so I can have my new coat all ready to be used!!!

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