Wednesday, February 28, 2007

3 times in one day?

Yes, I'm bored enough to post for the third time today, lucky you. And I just want to say this right now and get it out into the air, not to be mentioned for the next week or two: Hello NIT. (if we're lucky...)

Anyways, the main thing I wanted to post about was another album that I've recently discovered - New Magnetic Wonder by The Apples in Stereo. I used to be way into these guys, then kind of lost interest, but saw some pretty rave reviews of this album, which piqued my interest. And holy crap, this is good. When I hear the phrase "indie pop," I think of this band, because, well, they embody that genre. This is one of the best albums of said genre that I've heard in quite some time, right from the first track they've got their usual high energy, catchy hooks making me want to dance. And dance I did, albeit from the sofa, with a laptop on me. But DAMN, this is upbeat. I don't know if there's any way to listen to this and not be happy. (I should make an All-Smiles music list, a collection of songs that you just have to have this big, dopey grin on your face whilst listening. But that's for another day, maybe this weekend, when I'm sure I'll have my time occupied by vast amounts of nothing.) So add this to the list I made earlier, with Of Montreal and The Shins, of albums you must listen to. 2007 has been good for the indie kids. (note: I do not call myself an indie kid. I pride myself on not being pigeonholed into a category.)

In other news, tomorrow is already shaping up to be another Good Day. I really hope I'm not building up too much excitement, only to be let down later, but right now the outlook is bright. I'm probably going to be getting a new coat, which excites me to no end. Plus, I'm thinking of going to see the Reno 911 movie. I really enjoy that show, and have heard that the movie is better, so I figure I'll try to catch a matinee. And, to top everything off, tomorrow is the first Spring Training game for the Royals! So, amidst the snow and sleet and thunderstorms, I will be walking with a skip in my step, smelling the freshly-cut grass of springtime. Goddamn I love baseball.

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