Saturday, February 24, 2007

Exotic India

I went to my first new restaurant today! It was an Indian buffet in Coralville, called Exotic India. My roommate Daren invited me to go along with a group of our friends, I couldn't pass up the chance to get to a new place and with some good company.

The food was pretty good, about the same as Masala, although I do prefer the rice pudding at Masala. The samosas were delicious, as were the saag paneer and the gulab jamun. The naan bread was brought out to the table very warm, which is always nice. Naan is usually one of my favorite parts of an Indian meal, so the freshness of it was a huge plus. I had an iced tea, which was from a powdered mix, so it was a little lacking. Since it was a buffet, the service didn't have to be great, but it was alright. I got a refill on the iced tea and the water refills were kind of steady, and the waiter brought out a fresh basket of naan. The worst part was trying to hear him at the cash register, he kind of mumbled and was hard to understand. It could have been due to the music, which was some sort of dance-ish stuff. My favorite song was the one we dubbed "Where is the Party," which we were lucky enough to hear twice!

Overall, it was a pretty good place. A little chilly inside, but I don't mind that. I don't think it'll take over Masala in my book, being that it's much further away, but definitely worth the try.

ps - I didn't know the names of all of the dishes, so most of them came from a little research on my end. I'm pretty sure I got them all right, so just look them up if interested.

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