Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Today is a Good Day

I'm feeling pretty good today. Any day that starts off with breakfast at the Hamburg Inn has got to be alright. The pancake was "almost twice the size of my head," according to Jordan, my breakfast companion of the day. Which is saying something, because I have a big head. I had also ordered some hashbrowns to go along with my hotcake, but instead of the usual shredded potatoes, I got "home-style" potatoes. At least I think that's what they're called. Anyways, I was a little surprised by such a turn of events, but I didn't let it bother me. I just figured I'd roll with it, and try out a new thing. And boy, where those potatoes good! (mind you, I hope when you come across the word "potato," dear reader, that it is pronounced in your mind as "puh-tay-tah," because I'm really a southern boy at heart, and occasionally this peeks out. The pronunciation of the word potato is one such instance. Sorry Marin.)

As I'm typing this, the ice pellets have started to fall. And not just a freezing rain or snow or anything like that, but actual, decent-sized pellets of ice, falling from the sky. I asked my roommate Dan if this was a sign of the rapture, but he assured me that it was in fact locusts, not ice pellets, that fall in any instance of rapture. Good to know.

Haley just wrote me an email, saying that this season's Hawkeye basketball team could be one of the ugliest ever to grace Carver-Hawkeye Arena. That's saying a lot. I'm pretty sure I could come up with an All-Ugly team without much thought. Les Jepsen would be the starting center, with Acie Earl nipping at his heels for playing time, and Seth Gorney also riding the pine. Reggie Evans would probably be right there starting at forward, next to Doug Thomas; Greg Brunner and John Johnson on the bench. Jeff Moe would probably nab one of the starting guard positions. And joining him would be BJ Armstrong. Jeff Moe is on the bench along with Steve Carfino. I actually think that this team would win a lot of games, at least 23, and get like a 5 seed in the NCAA tournament. (note: if anyone on my All-Ugly team should happen to read this, please don't hate me. You should actually be honored! All of you have made such an impact on my life as a Hawkeye fan that I cannot forget you. You should be proud for donning the black and gold! Looks are only for the superficial, anyways. At least that's what I keep telling myself. I don't even have a jump shot to fall back on.)


H said...

Please do not ever say "puh-tay-tuh" in my presence.

I had a huge argument with my grandpa one day about hashbrowns versus home fries. To me, hashbrowns are shredded; home fries are cubed, fried potatoes. Grandpa was making "hashbrowns", but these were, in fact, home fries. After pointing this out to him, he did not understand. I said "hashbrowns are shredded, home fries are cubed." He said, "Do you want me to make them shredded instead?" No, I did not (I much prefer home fries to hashbrowns), I just wanted him to call them by the right damn name. Didn't happen.

My ALL-HOTTIE team is going to beat the shit out of your ALL-UGLY team. I might incorporate Adam Haluska and his dreamy eyes just to spite you with abnormally good free throw shooting. Ask my mom about Steve Carfino sometime.

Clint said...

Nice work here. You are right on two things, Iowa basketball is not very good, and blogging is quite therapeutic in itself. Thanks for the blog friend!

standoutinacrowd said...

alford's butt i mean head is the my vote for coach