Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dear super cute girl sitting across from me at the library,

Hi! My name is Chris. You may have noticed me furtively glancing in your direction for the past 20-30 minutes. Oh, you didn't? Well then, never mind. I wasn't doing that.

That's a nice black shirt you have on. It matches the black scarf you're wearing nicely. I like that. Black is a good color. If you'll notice, my coat is black. What are the odds?

So I take it you're a student here. I mean, this is the school library, and you have to be one to be using the computers. ha! I am too! I know, I know, I look like I'm about 24 (24, really? you're too kind), what am I doing in school? That's a long story, one better told over a nice dinner. Do you like nice dinners?

What are your thoughts on baseball? When you think of going to a ball game, do you think of the romance in the air? Does the initial sight of the green grass against the dirt base paths make you tear up a little bit? I know it does for me. Does that appeal to my sensitive side? It's endearing, right? Well thanks.

I notice you have a dictionary sitting next to you. I know a lot of words, and can use most of them correctly in every-day conversation. I even have incredible spelling and grammar!! What more could you ask for?

Besides my knowledge of the English language, I know a lot of trivial, random facts. In fact, if were were on a team, I would go so far to guarantee a victory in Trivial Pursuits. Who else can make such an assertion? Not that dude in the stocking cap over there. I bet he doesn't even know where Indonesia is, let alone its capital. (It's in the Indian Ocean, near the equator, and its capital is Jakarta.)

I read books, too! The past few have been non-fiction, about neat stuff like snap-decisions, how fads spread, and Barack Obama! The next two that I'm planning on reading are non-fiction books, also. I can also read them very fast, it's an ability of which I'm quite proud.

Oh, you have to go right now? Okay, I guess I should too. But maybe I'll see you around. I'm here occasionally, and around town all the time. I'm at the Java House almost every day, and I work in customer service at the Hy-Vee on the south end of town. So stop by and say hi sometime! If you can remember me. I'm the guy who sat across from you at the library, the one who couldn't find the nerve to talk to you!


"a" said...

If Haley reads this, she's going to tell you that you should have said something. . . . That's what she ALWAYS tells me. . . ;)

H said...

Yeah, you should have said something. But we already discussed this. And the reason I tell "A" to say something all the time is that she's a big chicken and never would, whereas I know that you are capable of talking to the ladies, especially when you have been drinking.

This was my favorite post of yours, ever. Also, I want to play Trivial Pursuit.

Nicole said...

You should have walked up to the girl and said, (the imaginary conversation as I see it)

You: I want to fuck your face.
Her: What?
You: I want to take your face, and fuck it.
Her: You're cute!