Thursday, March 22, 2007

Music, anyone?

Regina Spektor is starting to get pretty big. Maybe it's been coming for a while, and I'm just living in a void, but on my trip to Minneapolis, I swear I heard her song "Fidelity" almost every time I was in the car on one of the more "indie" radio stations. Which is not an entirely bad thing. I'm all for some new, good music getting airtime. I just hope that people are listening to her entire repertoire, and don't get sick of the one song, no matter how catchy it is. I can't exactly remember where I heard of her first, it was probably through Marin a while ago. So if you've already heard of her, already love her, then I apologize. Let me know that I'm waaaay behind on the times. But if not, check out her new stuff, but also give Soviet Kitsch a listen. It's a little less poppy, but I like it a little more. Her music is mainly piano-driven, with some occasional different instruments sprinkled in here and there. She can control her voice incredibly well, which can add a lot of depth to her songs. Her latest album definitely seems more easily-accessible, so it makes sense that people are just starting to catch on to her. So start there, and then work your way back. You'll be glad you did.


Jad said...

The crazy voice stuff she does on 'Fidelity', according to my singer friend, is actually a breathing exercise singers do to warm up their voices. I would guess she has some professional training. Either way, she's pretty fantastic.

a said...

I do hope that 'Fidelity' doesn't get over played but it is catchy and does get stuck in my head whenever I hear it! I like KT Tulsten too but they overplayed that 'Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree' song WAAAY to much and that wasn't even the best song on the album!

AM said...

I haven't heard it much around and so every time I hear that song, I just absolutely fall in love with her music all over again. My favorite song on that album, though, has to be Samson. It's phenomenal!