Sunday, March 25, 2007

A wonderous day

There was record warm low temperature last night of 60 degrees in Moline, accoring to the National Weather Service. I'm sure there was a record high today, too. When I was downtown (getting some ice cream), the bank's display read 83 degrees, and according to the same National Weather Service, the record high for today was 77. It's still 70 degrees outside. Basically, it was an incredible day to be outside. I walked down to City Park and read my book, then came back home to get Daren and get our already mentioned ice cream at Whitey's. We had decided to sit in the Ped Mall while we ate, and as luck would have it, we ran into a few friends, carrying a boombox and some pizza! We all sat around, either on the planter or on the ground, eating ice cream and pizza, listening to KRS-One. Good times.

When we got back, Daren and I internetted it up for a while, both getting excited over his new buy, a cast-iron skillet. I dreamt of upside-down cakes and cornbread, he of his new obsession, chips (or home-style fries, as we like to call them on this side of the Atlantic). I guess trips overseas can change a man. So, as I'm typing now, he's preparing some potatoes, putting them in the oven, and getting harassed by yours truly. He's threatening to hold out on the fries, but I will not be denied.

Also today, I started reading The Economist Style Guide, something Daren had on his computer. I thought I could use some help in my writing, especially if I ever decide to do more than just blog. I've only read the first few pages, but I think it's helped so far. I'm already using some of the suggestions. It may not be noticeable, but I'd like to think my writing was already above average. That could be just my own thinking, though. Anyways, we'll see how this works out, maybe it'll have some useful information that will put me in the ranks of Keats or Salinger or Hemingway. (I'm not to the section on how to compare my new-found abilites yet. So these authors may change in the near future, depending on who, if anyone, is referenced. Really, if I could get to the Salinger-Vonnegut level, I'd be happy. [I just used something I've learned already! I had originally put that I'd be content, but this guide said to simplify, so I thought the simplification of content would be happy. I'm a quick learner.])

Thanks to Kansas and Memphis, I am finished in my bracket. It hurts to have the teams I expected to meet in the finals lose right before the Final Four. My brother, though, correctly chose all four teams. I wish I could say that he learned everything about college basketball from his big brother, but I'm afraid that'd be a lie. I haven't found out how well our dad is doing in the pool, but I imagine it's better than me in my pools. I will now cheer on Georgetown. Or Ohio State, which ever one advances to the finals. As long as this year's NCAA Basketball Champion is not named Florida or UCLA. And while we're at it, Iowa's new head coach better not be named Dana or Lon. Or Steve for that matter. (Quick update on my preferred choices for head coach. Bruce Pearl is still number one, followed by Billy Gillispie. I realize BJ Armstrong most likely won't be chosen for the top position, so I'm lobbying for his as an assistant. Anthony Bennett is bumped up to third, Chris Lowery of Southern Illinois moves onto the board in fourth, and Vanderbilt's coach Kevins Stallings also makes his appearance. If you're reading this Gary Barta, you better have these guys on speed-dial.)

Finally, I remembered today that NPR's program "This American Life" started their TV show on Showtime this past Thursday. Since I don't have Showtime, or TV of any kind, I missed out. Luckily, the first episode is available to be watched online. (You can find the online version by clicking on the picture to the left.) If you've never heard the show, last week's episode was hilarious, providing me with entertainment on my drive home from Minneapolis, so I'd suggest that as a starting point. You can find it here. Last week's show is about TV's affect on life, what it can teach us, and how it can hurt us. It even includes the music of Mates of State, providing a hilarious backdrop for Ira Glass's section in act 3. Listen to it, and love it as I did.

Well, I'm off to sit in the lovely, cooler air now. I hope everyone's day was as excellent as mine.

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H said...

My bracket is FUCKED. Even though I'm still leading our bracket pool right now, even Bill has a chance to overtake me.

I'm vying for a UCLA/Georgetown final. I hate Florida, and I hate Ohio State, and right now I hate Georgetown too but it's a lot better than the alternative.