Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm nothing if not awkward

Today, whilst walking to and fro my daily obligations, I came across a girl from my high school, someone who had graduated a couple of years before I did, but was in band so we were friends. (That's how I was in high school, the cool guy in the band, but just some normal to slightly nerdy guy outside of the music wing.) As we approached each other, I was preparing for the usual idle conversation of two passing acquaintances, made eye contact, and I started to speak. This person, however, didn't notice me and just kept walking. So there I was, standing with my mouth slightly ajar with words on my tongue, left wondering if said girl noticed me or recognized me at all. Sure, it had been a few years since we had last talked, and I was wearing a coat and stocking cap, so there is a good chance that she didn't know who I was upon first glance. But still, I can't help but feel a little slighted over the whole incident.

Later, I was walking through the Ped-Mall, when I noticed some dude in a suit make eye contact with me and nodded a said hello. I did the courteous thing and nodded back and said hello, while frantically searching my mind to see if there was any recognition there. I came up empty, so I'm just assuming that he was a kind gentleman, and that perked me up a little bit. Not that I was down to begin with, it's been another Good Day, but I like nice people, and it made up a little bit for my earlier debacle. So thank you Dude in a Suit.

Also contributing to my Good Day was stopping by Oasis for a falafel. As always, it was delicious, and the guy at the counter said "thanks for coming by man, have a good one" as I left. Now it wasn't like he was running the register or anything, so he was a little ways down the counter, and (I thought) wasn't really paying attention, but when he said that as I was walking out the door, it made my day a little bit. I answered with "thanks man, see you later," because I am a regular there, and I'm sure I'll see him later. That's what cool people do, they call each other "man" and say stuff like "have a good one" or "see you later."


H said...

Wow, they call you "man" and say "See ya later!" My Subway people aren't that courteous to me, but I don't really have to order anymore, and that makes up for it. Not that they aren't nice, or that they don't recognize me, but they don't call me "man." Maybe because I'm a girl.

a said...

I'm a regular at the CABCo and most just call me by name! haha! But the hostesses that don't know my name always tell me to have a good night when I step out of the elevator which I think is very nice. Also I think "man" is a much better name for people that don't know your name. Dean Cain was telling me that everyone calls him Buddy whenever he goes to his favorite place to eat and when people come into his work. I think it's funny and I think I'll start calling him Buddy from now on. . .