Friday, March 23, 2007

continuing the music trend

I've noticed the last few recommendations by me have been female artists. Okay, just the last two, but it seemed like more when I was thinking of this. So I'll call it a trend. Wait, it's actually 3 out of the last 4, so there! Anyways, I thought I'd stick with it, and when Marin sent me the link to Melanie Horsnell's myspace page, my choice was made pretty easily. She's another singer/songwriter, and like Rosie Thomas, she does it well. Plus, she's from Australia, so that gives her bonus points, right? It does in my book. (remember, that's the Points Given by Flenker for Random Things, first mentioned here. Right now Feist and Melanie Horsnell are leading the way, with a score of 1 each.) Any country/continent that gives us Paul Hogan is alright in my book. So check out Melanie, I hope you'll like it!