Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chillin in Cottage Grove

Had a nice, relaxing day today in Cottage Grove, MN. Got out to a pizza lunch buffet, which was delicious, then headed back to Jimbo's for some college basketball. I've decided that Kevin Durant is my favorite non-Hawkeye player. I'm hoping he stays in college, so I'm able to watch him more... I don't get to watch as many NBA games, and would really like to see him dominate the Big 12 for another year. I'd really love to see a Tyler Smith/Kevin Durant match-up someday. Preferably in the Final Four next year or something. Seeing as how there's no chance for any match-up this season. I expected the Hawks to miss the NCAA tournament. But I had hopes for the NIT. Little did I know that there were about 120 teams in D-I basketball with a better record. Poor Adam Haluska. Well, Adam, thanks for the past few years. But, it's time to hand the keys over Tyler Smith. Tyler, take care of the team, and try to stick around for a few years.

I'm excited for the Tyler Smith Era, as long as Tony Freeman grows into a point guard that can help lead a team, and if Seth Gorney decides to put on some muscle and figures out how to play the center position. It'd be nice if Greg Oden leaves for the NBA, too.

Tomorrow should be an exciting day for me. I'll be out and about on my own, probably heading to the Mall of America to kill some time while I wait for Haley to get off of work. Then I'll meet her at her place, meet up with everyone else, and then go see 300 at the IMax theater. Good stuff!

Well, I'll be back sometime to post.

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