Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A new blog friend?!?

First off, I want to thank Jad for indirectly introducing me to Feist. He had commented on my oatmeal post (which has apparently been the most popular post of yet, it's gotten a whopping 4 comments!), so I decided to check out his blog. It's a music blog, with some really good stuff on there, some links to some excellent music, so everyone (all 3 of you readers) should check it out. And he's from Canada, which makes it even better!! (PS - I'm kind of curious as to how he found my little slice of the internet... I guess tpol is going international!) Anyways, he had a post about a musician known as Feist, I listened to one of her songs, and liked it very much! I did a little research, and found she was from the band Broken Social Scene, so that earns her more points (that I arbitrarily assign to things, they all go down in the book Points Given by Flenker for Random Things, which has yet to be published. Or written. But who ever the winner ends up being will receive a free slice of cake, a copy of Wonder Boys on VHS, and a fruitcup.)

I was planning on doing a list tonight, my All-Smiles Song list, which would consist of songs that can always make me smile. It's getting late, though, so I'll only do a sneak preview of the list...

  • Mr. E's Beautiful Blues by the Eels
  • Aside by The Weakerthans
  • Sleeping Lessons by the Shins
  • New York City by They Might Be Giants
  • Death Dance of Omipapas and Sons by Of Montreal
  • Fly Around by Built to Spill

Just six to get you started, more to come in the following days. As will some more in-depth reviews of movies I've recently seen. Until then, have a wonderful time at whatever you're doing. Oh, and suggest some books that I should read. I'm looking for some good ones, not crappy ones.


Jad said...

Thanks for the mention Flenker! I stumbled across your site through a blog search and felt the need to comment on our shared love of oatmeal. Glad you liked the Feist song, I'll be sure to keep you updated on the status of her upcoming album.

Keep up the good work!

Jad said...

Oh, and a couple of favourite books:

Slaughterhouse Five (Kurt Vonnegut) and Watership Down (Richard Adams).

H said...

New York City belongs on my All-Smiles list, too. Damn.

Way to go, getting yourself international readers (I have an international reader, mine is in Germany and therefore more international than your international reader because my international reader is across an OCEAN, but she doesn't comment and therefore, I cannot prove that she actually reads me) and - READERS YOU DON'T KNOW! That's awesome. That's my main goal. I want the Sartorialist to start reading me. And snapping my photo. But that's another story. I did have a comment from a stranger on my Pandora profile, so that makes me feel better about not getting international readers that I don't know.

a said...

I kind of feel less special now. . . thinking Haley and I were the only ones that read you and commented. But good for you!! Good for you! And Haley, there have been some Des Moinians that read yours!

a said...

And I think Haley usually gets a lot of comments when she writes about my lack of a love life. . .