Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Music recommendation for the day

I'm going to try to do this one a semi-regular basis, to share some music that I like with everyone. It may be a band that I've loved for years, or a new one that I just found. If there's any story behind the band that I can provide, I will try to do so, whether it be how I found out about them, a concert that I've seen them play, or just some random tidbit. And I'll do my best to at least link to some songs, most likely a myspace page and maybe a band's official site. This is the official first post in this new line, but really it started yesterday with my mention of Feist. If you haven't done so yet, you should check her out.

Today, I'm suggesting that everyone look up Rock Plaza Central. A friend from work had said that she was listening to them recently, and since we have a similar taste in music (which I learned tonight!), I thought I should give them a listen. I had kind of forgotten about them until I was in bed, falling asleep. I bolted up, remembering that I had written down their name, and began searching for the scrap of paper. And naturally it fell out of my pocket in my car. So I put on some pants, my sandals, and my new coat and stocking cap, and run outside to frantically search my car, of course it had fallen in between my seat and the console, it couldn't have been right on top of anything. Luckily I found it without any frostbite setting in, and scurried back inside.

After explaining to Dan why I had run outside in the middle of the night, I looked them up and listened to a few of their songs, and checked out their bio. Megan, the girl who had mentioned them earlier, had said that their album was a sort of concept album, but the concept was too ridiculous to not read it for myself. She was right. Apparently, Are We Not Horses is an album about robotic horses thinking that they're actual horses. I dig that. And I dig the songs, my favorite being "My Children Be Joyful." They kind of have a Neutral Milk Hotel meets Modest Mouse with they tiniest hint of They Might Be Giants sound, but it's hard to describe. Just listen to them. Love them. And come to Iowa City on March 31 to watch them in concert with me.

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