Tuesday, March 20, 2007

some links, some books, and some other stuff

First off, I want to suggest to everyone to check out the AM Music Blog. I found this through Jad's Blog, Three Pints and a Towel, when the writer of the AM blog posted a comment. Since I'm always looking for some good online reading, I glanced it over, and started to enjoy it right away. Both of the blogs listed above are music-related, and both have some excellent reviews and recommended bands, so give some new bands a listen. Go ahead, you can leave my blog for a little while. As long as you come back. Ok, now that you're back, I put a link up on the right to the AM Music Blog, so you can check it whenever you like. And of course, I always recommend checking out Haley's blog, Random Mindless Ramblings.

I finished up Housekeeping vs. The Dirt today while sitting at the Java House, enjoying a mug of hot steamed milk (a delicious, light mixture of cinnamon, honey, and of course hot steamed milk) and a wonderful peanut butter cookie. When peanut butter cookies are done well, they may be the perfect cookie, and the Java House bakery does them well. I liked the collection of columns presented in this book, but I am a little biased. Nick Hornby is one of my favorite contemporary authors, I find him humorous and can relate to his appreciation of music and sports. You know, because I'm funny, musically inclined, and knowledgeable about sports, he's the perfect author for me, right? Anyways, this book made interested in a number of other books, all of which I hopefully will read in the near future. It was very easy to read, the humor made it all rather enjoyable. Passages from a few of Hornby's favorite books were included, which helped tie everything together nicely. I would definitely recommend this book to any Nick Hornby fan, or any literary critique fan (if such a genre exists). For just the average reader, I'd probably pick up a different book. Try High Fidelity.

Now, I've started on A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole, as I had previously stated I would. Then after that, I'll start in on some books from my trip to Minneapolis. Then, after those, I'll start in on the books I've learned about by reading this Hornby one.

I'm very excited for this weekend, Friday marks the first home game for the Hawkeye baseball team, and it's a "Knit Hat Giveaway" day, so I'm hoping for a free knit hat. I've got the weekend off, and should be able to make it to all of the games against North Dakota State. And, I just found out my friend KP will be in town, so we'll be able to hang out for the first time in a while. Should be a good weekend. As long as Memphis beats Kansas in the NCAA finals, my bracket should be ok. Damn Wisky and Texas messed up the rest of my Final Four. (Note to Kevin Durant: Please stay in college, at least for one more year. I'd like to be able to watch you play, but I watch a lot more college games than NBA games, so it'd just be more convenient for me. Plus, you might have a shot at a national title and consensus number one overall pick status. It'll give you a chance to put on a little muscle-weight, and build up some endurance. I hope that your coach figures out how to use you better, maybe even run plays to get you the ball late in the game. You and DJ Augustin could own the Big 12 next year. So please, think about it)

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AM said...

Thanks for the links and for reading... can't be much of a writer if you don't have readers eh? Well, unless they publish your stuff posthumously, but that's totally a 1 in a million thing, and I'm sure it doesn't happen with blogs :)