Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another bonus music day!

While searching music to post here and recommend, I came across two guys I thought I could recommend, and thought it was appropriate for them to be on the same day. I was on the Of Montreal myspace page, and noticed that two of the guys in the band have their own sites with their own music. So today, I suggest everyone check out The Late B.P. Helium and James Husband! Helium's got a sound similar to the Beatles' "psychedelic" period (Sgt. Pepper's and on) but does it in a way that's not totally ripping them off. James Husband's songs are acoustic guitar-based, and kind of reminds me of The Special Goodness, but a little more poppy, a little more acoustic, and a lot better, in my opinion.

What's even better is that these guys have given me my recommendation for tomorrow! Unfortunately, it looks like it'll only be one band, but I can't keep the pace of two-a-days...

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