Saturday, March 10, 2007

Next band!! and notes on the next week

My recommendation today is for everyone to listen to Menomena. I haven't exactly been able to maneuver their homepage very well, but their myspace is good enough.

These guys are from Portland, just like The Thermals, and another performer that I will be suggesting in the near future. (I'm glad to hear that the Pacific Northwest has more stuff than just grunge coming out of there now!) They have a rather unusual kind of sound, kind of quirky, always shifting from song to song.. It's hard to pinpoint their exact style, it's almost an electronic sounds at times, then some drum-driven songs, and then some just rock-based songs. Definitely a different sounding band, something to check out and let sink in. So enjoy!

This may be my last post for a while, or I might post again tomorrow night! I'm leaving for the Minneapolis area tomorrow morning, and don't really know what sort of access I'll have to this here internet. So when I have the ability and the desire to, I'll post here. Until then, I hope everyone enjoys themselves and keeps reading and commenting. I like comments. It lets me think I'm important or something. Yeaaaaaah.

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