Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

The wind's howling outside, but I'm nice and cozy inside. I'd probably be nice and cozy outside too, thanks to my new coat! It's not exactly the one I wanted, but this is very comfortable, very warm, and has very very soft pockets. Now I just need to get some gloves, and I'll be set for whatever winter has left to offer. I am heading north in a week, so I'll be prepared.

I couldn't have had better timing on my purchase today, as soon as I left the mall, the snow started falling, and the wind started blowing. I thought we were going to be getting what everyone out west was getting, but it died down eventually, only leaving a little less than an inch of snow, from what I can see. But apparently that didn't stop Gov. Culver from declaring the whole state, all 99 counties, a disaster area. And I guess that there are still over 30,000 people without power across the state. It's just been a wacky week of weather, starting with the 60 degree temps last week, then the ice storms, now blizzards across the state. Oh, Iowa, your unpredictability makes me love you. When it's 104 degrees with 80% humidity in a few months, I'll be pining for these days. I'll take cold over suffocating heat any day.

In other news, Zach Braff is out to make my life miserable, I'm convinced. The last few episodes of Scrubs I've seen, along with the movie he stars in, The Last Kiss, all have just gotten me down. What a jerk. Now that I think of it, the first time I saw Garden State I had a similar reaction. It's like he's watching me, and coming up with ways to torment me. Not cool man, not cool. Luckily Will Ferrell can bring me back with Stranger Than Fiction, and Steve Carell with Little Miss Sunshine. Thanks guys.

The Royals lost their first Spring Training game today. After scoring 4 runs in the top of the 9th to take a 6-4 lead, they allow 3 in the bottom to blow it. I'm not going to put too much into this very early game, but it's a trend that better not continue. That's a part of their game that I'm hoping they can improve upon and gain a few more wins. Last year they lead the Bigs with something like 24 blown saves. If they can cut that in half, there's my predicted 10-15 win improvement right there!

Also in sports, it was brought to my attention that Steve Alford should be the coach of my All-Ugly team. After the way the team has been playing under him, I would tend to agree, there's no word better than ugly to describe some of the losses this team has endured. So welcome aboard, Coach. Sure, your dad can be on the staff. Be sure to wear the warm-ups you had on during the last Wisconsin game. (I like how they kept showing Alford in an Iowa "rugby" shirt and warm-up pants, while they showed Bo Ryan in his decently nice suit with white tennis shoes. Yet they never said that it was all for the "Coaches vs. Cancer" day, on which coaches wear white tennis shoes, and due to that, the Iowa staff didn't wear suits. They didn't mention this once in the telecast that I noticed. Instead, it left people wondering if Alford was heading to Denny's afterwards.) Haley has put up her All-Hottie selections. I'm convinced that my team would handle the three-guard look and the wear down the thin bench without a problem.

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H said...

Again, we are complete opposites, and your "pining away" for colder temperatures when it's 100° is just insane.

Also, we (as in, the Twins) lost in our first spring training game yesterday also. Damn Yankees.