Friday, March 09, 2007

Haluska vs Tate

I don't know when the last time we've had two high profile, skill position athletes start for three years for the Hawkeyes at the same time, or if it's ever happened before. But this year, we have two seniors leaving, one in basketball, one in football, each carried the burden of the Hawkeye faithful's hopes on their shoulders. For football, it was quarterback Drew Tate; basketball had Adam Haluska. I've been wondering the past few days about which student-athlete had the bigger impact, meant more to the Hawkeye Nation. So, I've decided to use my blog to break it down and come up with a winner.

Freshman Season

Drew Tate saw limited action his freshman year, going 6-11 passing for 55 yards and 1 td, no ints, along with 46 rushing yards. He was the future, and everyone knew it. Poor Nate Chandler had to deal with the pressure of being the starting QB in front of the QB that everyone wanted to be playing. (I often picture Nate Chandler sitting in a class during his senior year, and when his name is called for roll, everyone starts chanting Tate's name.)

Adam Haluska played for the Cyclones his freshman season, starting all 31 games he played in, averaging 9.2 points a game on nearly 40% shooting. But, it was for the Cyclones

Edge: Tate

Sophomore Season

Drew Tate takes over the starting job and has the season that everyone had dreams of: Big Ten Player of the Year, the Hawkeyes beat Iowa State, Ohio State, and threw the game-winning pass in the miracle ending of the Capital One Bowl vs LSU. Guided the Hawkeyes to their third straight 8th-ranking in the end of season polls, and their third straight 10-win season.

Adam Haluska started all 33 games of the season (after transferring and red-shirting one season), averaging 14.7 points per game and almost 81% from the free-throw line. He helped the Hawks win over Texas, Louisville, Texas Tech, Iowa State, Michigan (twice), Michigan State. (Louisville and Michigan State both made the Final Four this season) Lost in the opening round of the NCAA tournament to Cincinnati.

Edge: Tate (If only for the Capital One Bowl)

Junior Season

Drew Tate passed for more yards, more td's, and less int's than the previous season, but the Hawks slipped a little in the win department, compiling a 7-5 record, and a loss in the (terribly officiated) Outback Bowl vs. Florida. Didn't have any real "signature wins" over the season, as the Hawks ended the season unranked.

Adam Haluska averaged just under 14 points per game and nearly 5 rebounds per game, to go with 84.8% shooting from the charity stripe, starting in 34 games. Had wins against Ohio State (2 times), NC State, Illinois, Michigan State (twice). Scored 15 points and had 8 rebounds in the win over Ohio State for the Big Ten Tournament championship. Scored 20 points in first-round NCAA game against Northwestern State... also was guarding the player who hit the game-winning 3 for NW State.

Edge: Haluska

Senior Season

Drew Tate missed two games due to injury as the Hawkeyes struggled to their first sub-.500 season since 2000. Again, no real signature victories, except possibly Iowa State. Threw for fewer yards and tds than the season before. Lost last 4 games of the season, including a 26-24 loss to 11-point favorite Texas in the Alamo Bowl.

Adam Haluska led the Big Ten in scoring in his first year as the "premiere" player for the Hawkeyes, averaging 20.8 points a game. Had 5 games of 30+ points, and another 3 in which he scored 29. Shot 87.6% from the free-throw line as he led the team to wins against Iowa State, Michigan State, Purdue, Illinois, Michigan. Helped the Hawkeyes finish 4th in the Big Ten in a season they were expected to finish near the bottom of the league. (season still in progress)

Edge: Haluska

Defining Moments of Career

Drew Tate threw the game-winning pass in the Capital One Bowl, slammed the ball down in frustration against Ohio State, gave himself a concussion making a tackle after he threw an interception at Iowa State, played with a torn ligament in his non-throwing hand against Michigan.

Adam Haluska started every game of his Hawkeye career, currently somewhere near 130 games straight, scored 30 points in back-to-back games, scored over 1000 points as a Hawkeye, guarded the player who won the Northwestern State game, made thousands of Iowa State Cyclone fans furious when he transfered.

Edge: Push (too close to call, Capital One Bowl vs. pissing off Cyclone fans)

Record versus Iowa State

Drew Tate: 2-1

Adam Haluska: 2-1

Edge: Push (would have given Haluska another victory over ISU for leaving them, but since he was on the Cyclone team that beat Iowa in 2002, he loses out on that point. But, that same ISU team lost to the Hawkeyes in the NIT. Still, it'll stay as a push)

Post-season records

Drew Tate: 1-2

Adam Haluska: 0-2 in NCAA tournament as a Hawkeye, 5-2 in Big Ten Tournament, including winning the championship in 2005-2006. Current post-season still in progress

Edge: Haluska

Professional Prospects

Drew Tate is too undersized to really have a shot as a QB in the NFL. He may get picked up by a team, or make in the CFL. Has great elusiveness, throws a pretty ball, and is an intense competitor.

Adam Haluska has the best shot of any recent Hawkeye to make it in the NBA. Has an awkward but effective shot, can drive the lane on occasion, isn't a defensive liability, and is very athletic.

Edge: Haluska

(having seen both of them with their girlfriends
on consecutive nights, I feel qualified to judge this)

Drew Tate - cute girl, blond. About the same height as he is. Don't know any cute story of how they met, or anything about her, really.

Adam Haluska - very cute girl, brunette. Much shorter than him. Sweethearts since elementary school, got engaged on the same playground where they met. Did I mention she's brunette?

Edge: Haluska


Drew Tate never quite lived up to his sophomore year, but will always been known as a fiery competitor who threw "The Pass" in the Capital One Bowl (I feel I cannot mention that game enough. It really does mean something personal to me, but that's a different story for a different day.)

Adam Haluska took a young Iowa team on his shoulders his senior year, led the Big Ten in scoring, and beat pre-season expectations. He'll be remembered for his three-point and free-throw accuracy, and for screwing over the Cyclones (I also can't mention this enough. I think it's hilarious!)

Edge: Haluska

So there it is, Adam Haluska wins 6-2, with 2 pushes. Sorry Drew. Both have been great Hawkeyes, and I'm saddened to see either of them leave. Hopefully I can write something similar three years from now, about Tyler Smith and whomever takes over the starting QB job, be it Jake Christensen or Arvell Nelson. Assuming Tyler Smith stays for his entire collegiate career. And assuming I'm still doing this in 3 years.


standoutinacrowd said...

hey how about the hawks ability to make the postseason. i guess steve lavin will be our new coach next year . hopefully he can teach the freeman and gourney how to play defense

H said...

Remember when you said, "Who had the bigger impact? Tate or Haluska?" and I said "Haluska" and you said "REALLY?!"

I would just like to say, hah. And that Drew Tate's miracle pass in the Capital One Bowl (which I did not actually see live, but I heard it on the radio) is the only point in his career at Iowa that I didn't hate him.

You forgot to mention the game that he missed for "dehydration" or "exhaustion" or whatever lameass excuse he came up with, when was that? His sophomore season? Whenever it was, it solidified him as big whiny baby in my book. In this season, with his bullshit abdomen injury and the thumb thing? Sorry...not buying it. His vagina hurt, that's all.

a said...

Seeing as I've been an Iowan by default the last three years now. . . I would have to say Haluska has had a bigger impact. Granted, his record against the Illini isn't all THAT impressive. (I can't really comment on Illini football b/c we haven't had a team since Kittner left and Iowa sent us Beucher--not sure how you spell it and don't care!!) But having been forced to watch both IA football and basketball I think Haluska has definitely made an impact. Plus IA really needed to have someone step up after that whole Pierre Pierce fiasco.
Plus Haluska is from Carroll and so are my aunt and uncle and cousins, so he really can't be all that bad!!