Friday, March 09, 2007

Band of the day!

Congratulations Loney, Dear, you're my music recommendation for the day!! They'll be playing with Of Montreal when I see them in a week, so I found their myspace page to get an idea of what they sound like. They're Swedish, and you can kind of hear the accent (which seems a little unusual to me, why is that when I hear bands from England or Australia and even some from non-English based languages, I never really notice an accent?) throughout their songs. I kind of hate describing the sound of a band, I feel that I don't do that great of a job. But if I had to, I'd say they're kind of alt-folksy, with a good use of a variety of instruments. I'm looking forward very much to seeing them!

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H said...

If you're very much looking forward to seeing them, then so am I. I'm looking forward to you bringing me new music as well! =)