Monday, March 12, 2007

Quick notes re:Tate Vs Haluska

Just a few things about some comments that have been posted about the Tate Vs. Haluska thing I did a couple of days ago. A good point is made up, Tate took the team to the post season every year, including his "disappointing" senior year, while Haluska didn't take the teams to ANY post-season tournament. So add another point to Tate's.

And as for Haley's comment about Tate, I'd like to set some things straight... He missed one half due to dehydration, against Kent State, a game that the Hawkeyes won 39-7, a game that Tate had 2 td's before he left. The game that was his very first collegiate start. In around 85 degree heat, with it being much hotter on the field. (I was at the game, I got smoked by a sunburn and felt like crap most of the time.) The other 2 games he missed in his career were due to an abdominal strain against Syracuse and when he had hand surgery the week before the Northern Illinois game. Neither game was expected to really be close, so he didn't miss any important games in his career. The abdomen strain affected him for most of the regular season, he wasn't really 100% until the bowl game. Plus, he played most of this past Michigan game with a torn ligament in his hand. Sure it was the left hand, but that's the hand that takes the impact of the snaps, so it's still important. I really don't know where people got the idea of Drew Tate being a wimp. A week after missing 2 quarters because of dehydration, he was fine for the whole game in dismantling Iowa State, taking every offensive snap.

Now, I'm off to shower and then explore the town!

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H said...

Fine, fine, you win. Drew Tate is not as much of a baby as I may have made him out to be over the past few years.

However, I still say advantage Haluska, if only because of the hotter girlfriend. She could take your eyes out with her giant rock, so I'd try not to offend the Haluskas if I were you!