Thursday, March 22, 2007

Big day around Iowa City

Well, so long Steve Alford. I hope Albuquerque appreciates you more than Iowa City did. I for one never had a problem with him, per se. I thought he could've handled some situations better (see: Pierre Pierce), but he did a heckuva job recruiting, had one of (if not the) best records of any head coach in the Big Ten tournament, and finished with a winning record in every season after his first. I think he just had some unrealistic expectations, and never lived up to the hype that surrounded him as he got the job. I'm not exactly deeply saddened to see him leave, but I'm not packing his bags, either. I'll cheer for the Lobos when I see their name. Unless it's as a visitor in Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

My first reaction and worry to the news was "what will Tyler Smith do?" I've read he's feeling a little homesick lately, and this would give him the perfect excuse to transfer. I've heard he's thinking of transferring to Memphis. Now this is all message board talk, so it could be totally unfounded. But I could really see it happening, too. I like Memphis- I like the city, and I like the University. I picked them to win the NCAA Tournament. However, I don't wear their colors (any time I happen to be wearing blue and white it is for the Royals. Sorry Tigers), and I would really prefer that I was cheering on Mr. Smith in a black and gold jersey. I realize that any new coach has the possibility of coming in with transfers, but I don't know if I want to live in a world where Tyler's playing for a different NCAA team. So come on Tyler, I know it may be a tough decision, but stick around. Iowa City's not so bad, especially on beautiful days like today. This team is yours, I hope you realize that.

Naturally, I started thinking about replacement coaches next. And of course, I went to the message boards, where everyone knows someone who knows someone. Some names being mentioned were Bruce Pearl from Tennessee, Billy Gillispie from Texas A&M, Tony Bennett from Washington State, Dana Altman of Creighton, and Tubby Smith from Kentucky was mentioned, but he took a job at Minnesota. Out of those, I would be ecstatic if Iowa could bring Bruce Pearl back, and would be very happy with Billy Gillispie. My dark-horse candidate, though, is another former Hawkeye. I speak of none other than BJ Armstrong. What Iowa fan wouldn't want him to be on our bench? And what kid wouldn't want to play for a 3-time NBA champion, let alone someone who won with the Chicago Bulls?? BJ seems to know his stuff about basketball, he does a fine job as an analyst for espn. So give him some consideration!! And if not him, why not Kevin Gamble?? I'd be fine with that, too. Along with Reggie Theus of New Mexico State. Seems kind of symmetrical, right?

I've talked with my "sources," and most got a chuckle from the Armstrong suggestion. And, almost everyone said there's no way that Bruce Pearl comes to Iowa, he's got too much of a good thing right now. But we'll see what happens. I also talked with a member of the Iowa basketball team, who shall remain anonymous, but he didn't really have anything to say about the coaching situation. Seeing as how Coach Alford hadn't yet talked with them, that's basically what I was expecting. He just said "we'll see man, we'll see what happens." (that ends my Name Dropping section, without really dropping any names)

Here's my short list for new head coaches, as of right now:
  1. Bruce Pearl
  2. Billy Gillispie
  3. BJ Armstrong
  4. Tony Bennett (if he goes by Anthony)
  5. Reggie Theus (with Kevin Gamble as an assistant)
The top 2 might be a little outlandish, they both have excellent jobs right now, with great teams. But who would've thought that Tubby Smith would become a stupid Gopher? That just goes to show that Iowa needs to step it up, get a good guy and make some waves in the Big Ten. And don't forget, Michigan still needs a coach, too, so the Hawks should hurry before the Wolverines nab someone who could be better suited in the Hawkeye State.


standoutinacrowd said...

steve lavin is my choice

H said...

I think with last night's losses we'll have our choice of coaches! Whooo.

a said...

If BJ Armstrong becomes coach, I will DEFINITELY become an IA basketball fan unless of course they play IL and then the blue and orange will totally prosper!! BJ was my favorite Bull (even over Michael Jordan whom I love).