Thursday, June 14, 2007

A random hodge-podge about whatever I feel like at the moment

I feel like I haven't been a good blogger lately, my updates haven't been as frequent of late, mainly because I haven't done anything worth mentioning of late. Really, the past few days have just been spent reading (Then We Came to the End), sleeping (when I'm not sweating all the time), watching episodes of The Office (which has been great, I think episode 1 of season 3 ["Gay Witch Hunt"] was one of the funniest TV shows I've seen in a while, season 3 has been amazing this far, I'm 11 episodes deep), playing video games (SMU has gone on a streak, we've won our last 3 Big-12 games and are bowl-eligible), and avoiding the 90-plus degree heat as much as possible. Which means either sitting between two fans at home or going somewhere the air conditioning has been running. This weekend the a/c might need to be turned on here, it's supposed to get in the upper-90's, and the humidity is supposed to be on the rise. Great.

I'm getting really excited about going to Milwaukee next weekend to see the Brewers/Royals series with KP. It should be an awesome time, it turns out that a friend of mine from work is getting married in Milwaukee the Saturday that we'll be up there, so we're going to be crashing the reception and imbibing the free beer that will be available. Then, we'll find a place to stay the night and maybe hit up the game the next day, which just so happens to be Bill Hall bobble head giveaway day. Sweet! (And A, if you're reading this, I hope you liked the game tonight. That'll teach you to talk shit about a series before it's over, the Royals wiped the walls with the Cardinals tonight, 17-8, and won the series 2-1. Way to go.)

I think now, just for H, I'll list off the Hawkeyes (current and former) that I've seen out and about in the past week: Seth Gorney, Matt Roth, Nate Kaeding, Albert Young, Dace Richardson, Jake Christensen, Duez Henderson.

Speaking of former collegiate athletes, Bill interviewed former Iowa State Cyclone and current professional basketball player Paul Shirley today. Shirley's senior year at ISU was my freshman year there, and I would occasionally see him eating in my dorm's dining center. And occasionally I'd sit next to him (for lack of another seat) and strike up a conversation, just about whatever, trying to not bring up the fact that he was nearly 7-feet tall and on the basketball team. He went to Iowa State on an academic scholarship, and is extremely easy to talk to, so we had all these short snippets of small talk. Anyways, when Bill was here this week, I jokingly told him to ask Mr. Shirley if he remembered me from the Friley Hall Dining Center. Little did I know that Bill would actually ask him. Unfortunately, Paul didn't remember me, and probably won't be calling me to catch up any time soon. I don't blame him, he's probably talked to all sorts of interesting dudes, and has a hard time remembering some random redhead from nearly 9 years ago. I forgive you Paul.

Well, it's time for bed now. And since the "internet" isn't really working right now, this will probably be posted in the morning, but don't be fooled. This was really written at the time it states, 11:45 PM on Thursday night.


a said...

As I watched the Royals start to PUMMEL the Cards by the 3rd inning last night I was thinking that I shouldn't have said anything. However, later on in the evening I started to watch the Twins on the big screen and they did an upclose of Joe Mauer getting ready to hit. And I'm pretty sure he looked right into the camera and winked at me and mouthed "H who??", so that made my life that much better for the moment. That and I beat my friend in Golden Tee and the two games of SilverStrike we played.

H said...

It's alright A, you can have Joe Mauer. He hasn't done shit since he got off the DL, he got hit by a bat in each of the past two games, and I'm only attracted to him when he's wearing a uniform. Also, he has never checked me out, which is why Joe Joe Nathan was upgraded to H's Preferred Twin.

standoutinacrowd said...

twins are going down this weekend. go brew crew. flonker, the number one pitching prospect for the brewers might be pitching sunday because capuano is out. i am pumped.

lucy said...

FLENKER! i have to tell you. i've got this friend Katie, who reads your blog now, and we saw a friend with a Hawkeyes shirt at band practice Thursday. upon seeing it, she proudly exclaimed, "Flenker!"

aren't you proud of me? I am spreading your legacy! Hawkeyes is now (sometimes) synonymous with your wonderful name!

needless to say, I was pretty excited.

Flenker said...

A/H - Everyone knows Carlos Beltran is the best looking baseball player out there.

standoutinacrowd - any idea on who will be pitching when we're there next weekend?

Lucy - you don't know how happy it makes me that people think of me when they see the word "Hawkeyes" or the TigerHawk logo. It almost makes me want to cry.