Thursday, June 07, 2007

I really don't think Disney World was the best choice for this comparison

I know the Boob Lady did this not too long ago, so it's not an original idea, but this spam email was too good to pass up. This is copied and pasted exactly as it came, only the link that was included has been removed.

Your tiny penis looks like from the Disney World. With Penis Enlarge Patch it will look like from the Giant Planet.

If you don't know how to allure the women - Penis Enlarge Patch knows

thought that he can at least depend on a third of this mess as being manly
The day before he went back to his own home, now so strange to him, he was out with her, searching for some lost turkey-chicks, and found one with its foot caught in a tangle of rusty wire. The little creature had beaten itself almost to death in its struggle to get way. Kneeling in the grass, and feeling the wild palpitations of its heart under his rescuing hand, he had called to his sister, Oh, look! Poor thing! Its most dead, and yet it aint really hurt a mite, only desperate, over bein held fast. His voice broke in a sudden wave of sympathy: Oh, aint it terrible to feel so!

Now the first part of the email is pretty funny, just because it's kind of ridiculous. I wasn't aware of the Giant Planet. But then the last paragraph, so far down the email, ties the whole thing together to make it one of the better spam emails I've ever received. I don't know what brought me to open this particular email, usually I just delete them without even a glance. But this one caught my eye for some reason.


Nicole said...

A better comparison would have been Disney LAND. Ha, World and Planet are too similar. Intelligence is such a turn on.

Hideous said...

What an e-mail.


I love the ad things that pop up on the sides when you get g-mail... Some of those have me scratching my head, wondering, "What the hell kind of keyword incited THAT??"