Wednesday, June 13, 2007

In which I go off on a frozen pizza tangent

So while I haven't technically had "pants" on in the past few days, I have had shorts on for part of them, which everyone knows is short for "short pants". I think, that may actually be made up. Either way, I've done more than just lounging around in my underwear for the past few days. For instance, I met Bill for dinner last night at Buffalo Wild Wings and then drank and watched the NBA Finals game (series over, by the way. Actually, the series was basically over when the Spurs beat Utah.), then I met up with him again for lunch at Pita Pit. How lucky can one guy be? After lunch, I headed to my brother's place and played my football video game, and won! That always makes me happy, especially over the 9th-ranked Baylor Bears. I know, I know, it's a video game. But it's a video game into which I've invested a lot of time, so these things mean a lot to me.

Then it was apparently nap time for Flenker. And nap I did, for a couple of hours. It was wonderful. If only it weren't so hot, it may have been a Top-5 nap. As it was, it was just a pretty solid nap.

Now I'm eating a frozen pizza and drinking some DDP, and listening to some mixes. (I'm very pleased with how the exchange worked out, and will be doing another one sometime in the future.) Of course, the whole pizza will be gone in a matter of minutes. I really should do some investigating into whether or not there are some healthier pizzas out there, because I cannot help but eat the whole thing in one sitting, especially if it's just some thin-crust pizza. There are some out there that I only eat half of in one meal, but then they never quite are as good re-heated as the first bake. Not that I would ever turn down pizza. But it got me to thinking, which is my favorite frozen pizza? When I worked at a convenience store in one of the dorms at Iowa State, we had an over and made pizzas to sell by the slice. The most popular pizzas were the Digiorno and the Tombstone Stuffed Crust. They each had their selling points, the crust on the Digiorno pizzas were (when properly cooked) nice and thick and delicious. But the crust on the Tombstones were stuffed with cheese, and I always say any way to get more cheese into a meal is a-ok by me. So it would always depend on my mood, whether I wanted to at least feel decent about what I was eating, or if I just didn't give a damn about my arteries. So one of those may be my favorite, only because of my familiarity with them. What is your favorite frozen pizza? I'm pretty sure I'll know what H is going to say, but I'm interested in what everyone else out there likes, maybe it can give me some ideas for the next time I'm feeling lazy and hungry!


The Boob Lady said...

It's not delivery. It's Delissio!!

Seriously, I have no idea. I eat bagel bites.

I'm such a hobo.

standoutinacrowd said...

yo bartender, joe boo needs a refill. what happenend to the royals 2nite? do hobo's have microwaves?

mist1 said...

My shorts are not short pants. They are more like long panties.

H said...

Oh, look at you, Mr. Confident! Mr. I Know What H Is Going to Say!

It just so happens that I have eaten every frozen pizza out there and NONE of them come even CLOSE to comparing with Pasquale's. Seriously, people. Not even effing close. Especially when you do as I did for my boyfriend last weekend and take a Pasquale's sausage and mushroom frozen pizza, add extra mozarella and some pepperoni...YUM.

But since I can't get Pasquale's up here in Minnesoooota I would have to recommend Heggie's frozen pizza, which is quite delicious but which I have never seen in grocery stores, only in this bar I used to go to in West Saint Paul, and plus I used to know the Heggie's guy so he would hook me up. Alas that connection has been lost.

As for frozen pizza that you can actually buy at grocery stores EVERYWHERE, I am a big fan of Red Baron. It is as close to real pizza as you can get in the frozen food section. I can also go for Tombstone and Jack's if necessary, they're a cheap alternative, and quite tasty for being cardboard.

The ultimate best in deep dish singles are the supreme singles from the Schwan's man. I used to eat nothing but those in the summer. Seriously, I would eat them two at a time, two meals a day until I ran out, which wasn't very long, and my mom would have to order Schwan's singles in bulk. I am going to have a heart attack when I am 29.

a said...

I bet H responds Pasquale's!!!

a said...

Oh wait. . . I totally thought that posted b/f H even read it haha!! DARN IT!

I would have to say I love Jack's. The thin crust. I don't know why, but I have an obsession with thin crust pizza.

a said...

Wait I don't know how to delete my comment but I need to change my answer. Butch's is the BEST frozen pizza and it's thin crust. I think you can only get it IL though. I've never seen it in IA, so then I have to go with my original answer. Pasquale's is pretty good but NOT near as good as the ACTUAL Pasquale's or Community pizza.

H said...

Yes, A, but the new Community pizza sucks, and the Community pizza was never the same as Pasquale's, even when the Community pizza was good.

I bought Lean Cuisines "brick oven-style" frozen pizzas yesterday (one pepperoni, one roasted garlic with chicken) so we'll see how those are.

Nicole said...

Screw clothes. Naked ftw.

As for naps, I could use one right now. Will you nap for me?

Flenker said...

boob lady - bagel bites are ok in my book

stand - are you saying that Jesus Christ couldn't hit a curve ball?

mist1 - awesome, but I don't think I could pull that look off.

h/a/h - I was figuring you'd say Paquale's, H, it is a good pizza. Jack's is ok, and I've had Butch's before, I've seen it a few places around here, so it is available in IA.

nicole - naked is great. Naked naps are even better!

a said...

Excuse me H seeing as I haven't eaten at the Community in two years. . . but according to my Pops it is the Original Pasquale's and the Pasquale's recipe has changed from the original. I guess when his son took over he changed the recipe slightly. I haven't been to Pasquale's since like '00 though so this is only pure speculation.

H said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
whiskeymarie said...

I grew up with Red Baron, Tombstone, and the occasional Totino's Party Pizza (usually around $1-2, so great college food. I don't think the cheese was real on them though, which is marginally scary).

I never get frozen now, sorry.
I make my own.
Or order out, when I'm being lazy.

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