Thursday, June 28, 2007

Captain Crab Coming to town

Sorry if this post is a little disjointed. I blame it one Captain Crab. He was in the IC, and we had a hell of a time, pirating and whatnot. I learned much on this night, and more will follow. but for now, bed will come to me soonly. Soonly may not be a word, but tonghit, it means more than you can ever know.


a said...

I used to love it when Captain Crab would come to my house in his travels when I was little!! We'd play Duck Hunt and other sorts of Nintendo games.

I bet it's more fun though if I could have drank with him. . . But I think that was kind of out of the question considering I was under 10.

lucy said...

I was reading 'Sin And Syntax' by Constance Hale and learned that English prose has been shaped by words created to vividly "fill a gap in the lexicon."

Long-haired, lackluster, heartsick, hot-blooded, and unlace were all invented by Shakespeare. 'Soonly' is a similar "coinage bubbling up out of the American experience." And a worthy one at that!

Flenker said...

a - I can imagine Captain Crab being a fun uncle. Especially drinking.

lucy - that's what I was trying to do, fill a gap in the lexicon! I guess old Billy Shakespeare got to it first.

the Crab said...

The 3 most important things I taught the Flenker last night:

The correct pronunciation of Berryville, AR: Bearavul

The wierd liquor laws of Lubbock, TX

Knierim, IA should be visited by everyone at some point in thier lifetime.