Thursday, June 21, 2007

A look at the weekend

Since there may not be much posting here over the next few days, I thought I'd outline my weekend now while I can. Because everyone is dying to know what my plans are at all times.

Tomorrow starts with some tennis in the morning, then work in the afternoon/evening. After that, who knows. It should be laundry and packing and sleeping, but we'll see if that happens.

The packing is for my trip to Milwaukee this weekend! KP and I are heading up to Miller Park to see the Brewers/Royals game. Saturday is Negro League Hat Giveaway day, so I'm pretty stoked. I'll have to decide if I want to wear my Royals hat or my Kansas City Monarchs hat. Tough decision. I think I'll go with the Monarchs. And I'll wear my Royals shirt.

After the game, I'll be crashing a co-worker's wedding reception. These friends of mine just happened to be getting married in Milwaukee the same day that KP and I were planning on going up there, so I figured we may as well stop by for some free food and beer. Miller Lite, of course. Although, I don't know if it's technically considered "crashing", since the bride-to-be found out and was extremely excited about us showing up, and the groom invited me after he found out I'll be there. But the girl keeps asking me if we're going to be "crashing their reception still," so who am I to disappoint? She was so excited, she showed me all of the extra food they had ordered and everything like that. I think it's more of a wedding excitement, but sometimes I like to tell myself it's all for me. People should be excited to see me. (I'm excited to see me in the mirror everyday. Or nearly everyday. Any day that I look in the mirror.) It works out well for us, they're going to have all sorts of finger-food, and lots of beer, all for free. What more could I ask for?

We'll be staying the night, and then heading to the Sunday game, which happens to be Bill Hall Bobblehead day at Miller Park. AWESOME! Two ballgames in one weekend, both with freakin sweet giveaways, and a free party in-between? I'm excited.


Whiskeymarie said...

Have fun!
Do something inappropriate/embarrassing and please tell us about it when you get back.
Thank you.

H said...

I would like to request the following:
1) Request "I Will Survive" and call me singing it. Insert dancing if necessary. You do realize that neither of us can attend a wedding together ever again without the obligatory "I Will Survive" phone call. If ever we are at a wedding together you know we will be dancing right next to each other, both holding our cell phones to our head, singing to each other.

2) Cheer the Royals on hard. I know this is a given but I have kind of taken to hating the Brewers. This is funny because before about two years ago (when I met a Brewers fan for the first time -- seriously) I had never given the Brewers much thought. Or any thought. Anyway, my beloved Twins are 3-3 against the Brewers this season, and while going .500 against a team isn't THAT bad, I still think we should have swept them every time. So give `em hell.

3) Per our previous discussion, don't get a hotel room. Do what I suggested instead.

4) Don't knock anyone up.

a said...

I just had to remind H that a former manager of the Brewers grew up with my dad and is from her hometown area. Frank Stanley. THat's all. Thanks.

H said...

a -- Yep. Still can't say that I care.

Flenker said...

whiskey - I will do my best. I need to have something to blog about!

h - I'm hoping I hear "I Will Survive" because you and Bill need the call. But the Brewers are actually my favorite NL team right now, I think. Of course I'll still be cheering on the Royals, that will never change.