Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Picture this

I figured that no celebration is whole until pictures are broken out, so this post will be dedicated to a random collection of photos of me throughout the years. Unfortunately the site on which I had a lot of my photos went down, so I'm left with whatever is saved on my computer or other spots online. Sorry. Honestly I'm sorry.

This first set of photos I like to call "Drinking Flenker".

This is me and my friend Travis, obviously drinking in moderation.

And this is the obvious extension of said moderate drinking

Bill and I sipping wine, watching the same program on different television sets

This next set is called "The Scene Stealer"

Showing off the guns (and self-inflicted cigarette burn)
This was the first night that I met Haley. Bill and Jeff also pictured
I don't know more than 3 people in this picture, and don't really recall it being taken

And to show I'm not an alcoholic, some non-drinking photos

The "Shots from Behind"
In Minneapolis with the gang

Walkin' in Memphis with Marin

The "Jim and I Would Make a Good Gay Couple" series

The "I Just Ate an Entire Little Canister's Worth of Nutmeg" photo

Now this last photo may be a little shocking. It was taken over 10 years ago, so just be warned.

You ready for it?

I give you, "Young Flenker"


H said...

The best picture for the "Jim and Chris Would Make a Good Gay Couple" series is the picture of you guys doing the crossword on the light rail. Where's that picture?

Also, I resent your nutmeg comment.

lucy said...

aw, Young Flenker is a cute one

Flenker said...

h - yeah, I thought about that one, but then decided it would have been too much. I'll use it next time. It's just that there are a surprising amount of photos of me and Jim together. Maybe because every time we all go out together, you and Bill sit on one side, leaving me and Jim to cuddle. I mean sit by each other.

lucy - You are definitely Young Flenker's type, you guys are about the same age!

Whiskeymarie said...

A raging alcoholic gay man who eats nutmeg.

Sounds about right.

Jad said...

Young Flenker looks like young red-headed Pete Doherty.

You rock star, you.

lucy said...


standoutinacrowd said...

donnie wtf. who's yours favorite new kid.

Flenker said...

whiskey - you have me pegged

jad - a red-headed Pete Doherty without the heroin. Or Kate Moss

lucy - I think what I said earlier came out a little wrong. . . since you are in band, as was Young Flenker, we definitely would have been friends!

standoutinacrowd - Call me Donnie!! Donnie you're out of your fucking element!

MrT said...

Flenker - you know H and Bill are jealous of our relationship and that is the only reason they are together. That's why they take some many pictures of us together also.

lucy said...

so the Band Geek thing is all I've got going for me, eh??

hahaha. no smoothing over necessary :)

Nicole said...

You mean "young alcoholic" right?

By the way, nobody can out drink Wisconsinites. Bring it on Nancy Boy!

a said...

Flenker, I LOVE the jazz hands in the photo. Also, I think I met you the next day after you met H b/c I stopped by Bill's to say Hi to my H b/c it had been so long since I had seen her.