Monday, June 25, 2007


you can tell I'm totally excited

So this is post 200 here at The Politics of Lonely, and, since I'm totally lacking any other sort of inspiration, I thought I'd celebrate with a week-long party here. There's going to be cake, ice cream, surprises, tears, drinks, , love, pants-less musings, some napping, and maybe streamers. I haven't decided on that last one yet. Everything that you know and love about TPoL will be paraded about until you're absolutely sick of it (even sicker of it than you already are!).

Anyways, look for a very special post in the near future for #201. Be very excited.

Also, one last thing, I wanted to take this opportunity to officially announce that I'm forgoing the final four years of my NCAA eligibility and declaring myself available for the NBA draft taking place later this week. I'm not expecting to be a lottery pick, I may not be as flashy as Kevin Durant or Greg Oden, but I believe I have the strong fundamentals and a good attitude that would help any team looking for a good "chemistry" guy. So GM's, you have my number. I'll be available Thursday night for my call. I look forward to joining your ranks!


Hannita said...

You're too cute.

Whiskeymarie said...

I'll be expecting cake soon.

Oh, and I'm taking off my pants as my little part of the party.

H said...

WAMP! Hey, remember that time I left your pants in the freezer? And your cell phone was in them?

Congratulations on the 200th post. I'm looking forward to the special 201st. I'm anticipating that it will be your best post ever.

Also, I took that photo! Beeyah!

H said...

DEFINITELY need streamers.

Flenker said...

hannita - thank you very much! I'm not sure about being too cute, but I'll take it.

whiskey - what kind of cake do you like? I hope it's white with white frosting. That's my favorite. Thanks for your contribution to the party, I hope everyone follows your lead. Don't you hate pants?!

h - I do remember that time. You retrieved my cell phone for me, but left my pens in my pocket. I lost a good one that night. I'm not too sure about post 201. We'll have to see how it turns out. Also, streamers it is! Now I just need to figure out a way to attach them.

a said...

I'm actually not wearing pants right now either. . .AND I'm at work. . .

Okay so I'm wearing a skirt. . . :)

Jad said...

I'll have three pints in your honour.

Nicole said...

*snort* *laughs harder* I love that picture!

lucy said...

i am super excited. 200, while monumental, is not enough.

in response to your thoughtful comment:

i don't think it was smart, either. i'm bummed. i would much rather have had a fruitless blog day than a currently useless digit. i should email you the picture...

don't worry. it's only a threat :]

the Crab said...

Congratulations! Keep up the good work. You keep a semi-retired pirate (but fully employed salesman) smiling!

There's piratin' to be done!

Flenker said...

a - there have been times when I've had my pants off at work. Bill's gotten a text each time.

jad - a Tom Collins was had in your honor tonight. I hope you had a pint or two for yourself. I do appreciate the gesture.

nicole - I aim to please!

lucy - don't worry, I already have my 300th celebration mapped out.

the crab - there is piratin' to be done for sure! Iowa City is ripe for the pillaging. Sail the seas this direction sometime!